25 Art Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

25 Art Quotes

Be inspired by these Art quotes. Art can take many forms from painting to music to human nature. Art forms are to be admired and appreciated. Life could be considered an art form, how we make choices, how we face challenges. We hope these words inspire you to find the artist in you.

  1. The true artist does not manipulate or indoctrinate us…He simply shows us how things truly are.
    Michael Mayne, This Sunrise of Wonder
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  2. Art therapy works well with mindfulness because being engaged in creative endeavors helps the individual focus on the artwork, which becomes his center of consciousness.
    Susan I. Buchalter, 250 Art Therapy Techniques
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  3. Human experience cannot, however, be entirely reduced to words. Expressing how it feels to love or hate, to experience trauma or to suffer depression may involve far more than struggling to find the ‘right’ words.
    David Edwards, Art Therapy
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  4. Once an artistic tradition has been established, it takes imagination, skill and courage to diversify from accepted customs.
    Susie Hodge, Art
  5. By the beginning of the Baroque era considerable development had already occurred in the art of dance throughout Europe, and dance was both a form of social entertainment and an art that was widely used to accompany theatrical productions.
    Soufiane Kamali, Arts and Humanities
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  6. Art is to look at not to criticize.
    Edgar Allan Poe
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  7. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, our relationship with art has been weakened by a profound institutional reluctance to address the question of what art is for.
    Alain de Botton and John Armstrong, Art as Therapy
  8. How does art get done? Why, often, does it not get done? And what is the nature of the difficulties that stop so many who start? These questions, which seem so timeless, may actually be particular to our age.
    David Bayles, Art & Fear
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  9. Beauty can be found in art, music, nature, a person’s face or soul, and anything else that gives one pleasure.
    Greg Henry Quinn
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  10. ‘Art is long, life is short’, goes the old adage, and arranging a limited number of paintings to represent the numerous developments and styles of Western art is by all standards a Herculean task.
    Delphi Classics, The History of Art in 50 Painting
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  11. When I first started seeing fluid, or poured, art online, I was instantly hooked. This abstract type of art features so many possibilities, and anyone can do it.
    Amanda VanEver, The Art of Paint Pouring
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  12. In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
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  13. The great and the good, the celebrated and the infamous, have all gone under the brush. Ironically, the very great are rarely the subject of very great portraits.
    Anthony Connolly, Painting Portraits
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  14. The benefits of painting often are huge, as are the advantages of making small art (though not necessarily only small).
    Carol Marine, Daily Painting
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  15. Art is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth.
    John Ruskin
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  16. There’s really no need to get anxious and worried about what you are creating on the paper. Don’t begin with expensive materials as this will only add to your worries of wasting quality paint and paper.
    Steven Cronin, Watercolour Painting Made Simple
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  17. I have always been fascinated by the challenge of painting the landscape, not simply out of a pure love of nature, but because of the benefits it affords me as a painter.
    Mitchell Albala, Landscape Painting
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  18. I think there’s an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us.
    Bob Ross
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  19. It may take a lot of practice and many hours of study, and to the beginner it may seem frustrating or irrelevant to learn to draw before painting. But the drawing process is the foundation and the baseline of the portrait.
    Casper Zen Pedersen, Portrait Painting
  20. But to me, well, beauty is absolute realism, of what is there in truth. Most every painting I have ever seen as too much of what I call “fuzz and blur and obfuscation”.
    Archimedes Plutonium, Science of Art, pictures, painting, visual graphics, camera photography, movie camera, computer images
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  21. The supreme art of living is to strive to live each day well.
    Wilferd A. Peterson, The Art of Living Each Day
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  22. Your story needs to be told as well. What is it that you find beautiful? What are the colors of your visions? A painting is the vision or dream that has become a lasting reality as it finds its way onto a canvas.
    Bob Arrigo, Developing the Artist Within You
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  23. Painting is a long way from the sequential inevitability that is described in many books on the subject. For me it is increasingly something that I do all the time, but which involves many false starts and changes of direction along with some surprises.
    Richard Pikesley, Landscape Painting
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  24. At first blush, you may wonder why happiness is an art . Well, the first thing to consider is that which is well known to all artists. And, that is that any art form is one that is developed by the person alone; it is not something that can be copied.
    Byron Pulsifer, Is There An Art To Happiness
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  25. Flowers and watercolours are the perfect partners; like getting lost in the spiralling petals of a rose, the more you explore watercolour, the more you will discover its subtle surprises.
    Harriet de Winton, New Botanical Painting
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