25 Betrayal Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

25 Betrayal Quotes

Find below our words of wisdom about betrayal. Betrayal will sting and that sting will run deep for many years and maybe even your entire life, but you must learn to grow from it and never let it undermine your sense of worth and self-respect.

We all have experiences with betrayal, it is an inevitable part of life and no one is exempt, but with the right mindset, we can learn to better protect ourselves and learn to recognize the traits before we allow the person to become too close.

We hope you enjoy reading these quotes and hope that they can give you the strength to deal with whatever you are facing in life.

Betrayal Quotes

  1. Your betrayal can become your liberation.
    Eve Wood, M.D., The Gift of Betrayal
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  2. Betrayal hurts, but bitterness hurts us even more.
    Phil Waldrep, Beyond Betrayal
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  3. Is it possible that betrayal can be justified?
    Debi Silber, Trust Again
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  4. Betrayal is one of the saddest realities of human relationships.
    Tyndale House Publishers, HelpFinder Bible
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  5. It’s no wonder that the first response to betrayal is likely to be denial.
    Susan Pive, The Wisdom of a Broken Heart
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  6. When betrayal is at the root of your pain, something horrible is unleashed.
    Susan Pive, The Wisdom of a Broken Heart
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  7. Betrayal, though… betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope.
    Peter Randall, The Psychology of Feeling Sorry
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  8. Betrayal is not original sin; it is an evil act committed by men in full knowledge of their own doings.
    Pablo Neruda, Canto General
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  9. The message of betrayal is always that things are much more than they seem.
    Jean Houston, The Search for the Beloved
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  10. Even in the work of art, betrayal is betrayed.
    Stephen David Ross, The Gift of Self
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  11. A betrayal can turn the heart to stone, but a self-betrayal obliterates our, undermining our connections with the essential self.
    Paula M. Reeves, Women’s Intuition
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  12. Betrayal is so common that its scope can scarcely be imagined. It is the main theme of our literature and history.
    Judith N. Shklar, Ordinary Vices
  13. A major betrayal can decrease our capacity to trust ourselves. Because it slams us over the head and pierces us at our core, we feel vulnerable and wounded.
    Dennis S. Reina, Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace
  14. Betrayal is a stab at the heart. Betrayal is also a profound signal of worthlessness. If those who we assume are most valued abandon or discard us, what actual worth can we assume to possess?
    Australian Journal of Law and Society
    Sad Love
  15. Betrayal is also an iconoclastic, creative rebellion against all forms of permanence that justify the monstrousness of the human condition.
    Hans-Jürgen Schrader, ‎Elliott M. Simon, ‎Charlotte Wardi, The Jewish Self-Portrait in European and American Literature
  16. The moment our destinies become linked with others, the potential for betrayal is established.
    Sharon Hymer, Consuming Confessions
  17. Betrayal is difficult to process. It is difficult to understand, even on the most basic level.
    Jon Bush, Warranty Void If Seal Is Broken
  18. Let us remember. We are soldiers; our blood is for the salvation of this island. Betrayal is not ours. We cannot betray our oath. May God help us!
    Felix Kaputu, Power
  19. Betrayal is such a depth to which tempt for the person who betrays the befriended have shown the basest into sink.
    The Christian World Pulpit
    Sad Friendship
  20. Betrayal is only betrayal when it’s done as an act of carelessness towards our partners.
    Rosana Nassar, The First Love And The Eternal Search For Love And Freedom
  21. If our mythology teaches us anything about betrayal, it is that betrayal is an initiation, a necessary step in our growth, which brings us out of a naive, unconscious state of primal trust, painfully awakening us to greater consciousness.
    Hildur Jackson, Creating Harmony
  22. If the betrayal is not taken seriously enough, the memories and wounds of the affair will likely remain, though often hidden from view.
    Herbert Anderson, Promising Again
  23. Betrayal is, of course, not a failure of trust but a failure of trustworthiness.
    Russell Hardin, Trust and Trustworthiness
  24. Betrayal hurts, but I consider it a gift because it has taught me about God, life, others, and myself.
    Cora Jakes-Coleman, Ferocious Warrior
    Faith in God
  25. Betrayal can and ultimately does cause resentment, especially if we do not recognize and neutralize it by seeking higher advice or accessing higher knowledge on the need and requirement of the betrayer to commit the act of betrayal.
    Guy Steven Needler, Avoiding Karma
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