25 Outdoor Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

25 Outdoor Quotes

Here is our collection of inspirational outdoor quotes that we hope will inspire you to embrace the beautiful outdoors.

In this day and age, we live very busy lives, often amongst the hustle-bustle of urban environments and very rarely have the chance to appreciate what the great outdoors has to offer.Nature is calling you to relieve the stresses of everyday life so take a long walk through the woods, or stand on the side of a mountain breathing in the fresh air. Outdoors you will find a gigantic natural playground waiting to be discovered and yearning to be appreciated.
From mountains to climb, rivers to maneuver and forests to be admired outdoors is where your heart will feel content and your head will find peace and clarity.

So take the time out of your day, step outside your door, soak up the vitamin D that will even be found on a cloudy day and embrace all that nature has to offer!

    If you expose yourself to the healing currents of the outdoors, your ill-health will be rinsed away. C Allen, Nature Cure

  1. If you expose yourself to the healing currents of the outdoors, your ill-health will be rinsed away.
    C Allen, Nature Cure
    Healing Quotes
  2. He seeks to be at one with nature, but instead finds himself.
    Nottingham French studies – Volumes 4-8
    Finding Yourself
  3. Walking in the outdoors is a form of exercise that has everything to commend it.
    Samuel Calvin Smith, How is Your Heart?
  4. I love being outdoors and learning a whole new language by reading the rocks.
    Annalisa Berta, ‎Susan Turner, Rebels, Scholars, Explorers
  5. How good it felt to be outdoors and at one with nature again!
    Kerry Newcomb, ‎Frank Schaefer, Paxton and the Gypsy Blade
  6. The wild outside—wilderness—matches and is matched by the wild inside, the deeper levels of the mind and spirit and body.
    Maggie Ross, Silence: A User’s Guide, Volume One: Process
  7. Sharing meaningful experiences with others is one of the main reasons people take to the outdoors.
    M. Amos Clifford, Your Guide to Forest Bathing
    Comforting Quotes
  8. Being close to the outdoors makes me feel comfortable, like nothing can hurt me.
    Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney, Autumnal Dancer
    Sharing Quotes
  9. Outdoors is where I love to be, on the ocean — or underwater — most of all.
    Heather Kidd, Piri – Straight Up: Cups, Downs & Keeping Calm
    Ocean Quotes
  10. Every day there is something new to appreciate outdoors.
    Steve G. Jones, ‎Frank Mangano, Power of Thin: Change Your Thinking Change Your Weight
  11. Outdoors adventures are some of the best ways to enjoy life in its most natural sense.
    RD king, Outdoor Adventures
  12. When I was a kid, the outdoors was my playground, and I loved every minute.
    Stacy Tornio, ‎Jack Tornio, Outdoor Adventures to Have Before You Grow Up
  13. I live to breathe fresh air, feel the wind on my face, the warmth of sun on my skin.
    Lindsay McKenna,
  14. I encourage everyone to spend time outdoors with friends and family.
    North Dakota Outdoors
  15. Time outdoors continues to awaken my senses and still leaves me with unforgettable memories.
    Pennsylvania Angler – Volumes 60-61
  16. I never get bored by doing one job all the time — I have so many. I love people, I love the great outdoors, and I love my family. I’m a lucky person. I feel I’m experiencing life to its fullest, and life is good to me.
    Americans in Agriculture
  17. I love the great outdoors and I do love helping to add color to the world around me.
    Glad World
  18. Time spent in the great outdoors offers special opportunities
    Donna Erickson’s Great Outdoors Fun Book
  19. Because I love the outdoors so much, I guess I’d be surprised if people weren’t as excited about it as I am.
    Outdoor California
  20. Gardening is the most cheerful and satisfactory pursuit for women who love the outdoors.
    Kevin C. Armitage, The Nature Study Movementhappiness
    Words of Encouragement For Women
  21. I love the outdoors! I just love it, um, I have spent my whole life backpacking and camping when I was growing up and sea kayaking has all of that.
    Lynn Ann Dominguez, Constraints and Constraint Negotiation by Women Sea
  22. I just love the outdoors – that’s the key.
    Connecticut Woodlands
    Life is Beautiful
  23. I love the diversity — no day is ever the same… I love the outdoors and being active.
    Victoria Watts, ‎Robert W. Gehl, The Politics of Cultural Programming in Public Spaces
  24. The greatest chance for human beings to understand themselves lies in the natural world.
    Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (U.S.), Proceedings of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife
  25. In order for man to attain to ultimate fulfillment, he must become at one with nature.
    Jing Feng – Volumes 12-14

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