29 Empowering Quotes

29 Empowering Quotes

Be encouraged by these empowering quotes. When we feel empowered we feel the freedom to achieve our dreams and goals. When we empower others we are encouraging them to move forward.

  1. The basic thought is we are the mortal, and we will be on this planet for a limited period, maybe 60 to 80 years or a little bit more, and we come here to live life on its fullest possibility.
    Kamlesh Patil, How To Live Alone and Happy
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  2. Just to experience such sustained elemental stillness outwardly and the interior silence that can accompany it, is ample reason for arranging one’s life to cultivate and bathe in this possibility from time to time.
    Claudia Hammond, The art of rest
  3. Yet a good number of our educational institutions and training programs today are focused not on developing great leaders but on training effective managers. Short-term gains are viewed as the mark of success and long-term organizational growth and viability are simply the bill payers.
    Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last
  4. Don’t let the negativity given to you by the world disempower you. Instead give to yourself that which empowers you.”
    Les Brown
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  5. Better yet, you could summon the unique power slumbering within you, the power of light. Alexander Thomas, The Light Within Tears
 Better yet, you could summon the unique power slumbering within you, the power of light.
    Alexander Thomas, The Light Within Tears
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  6. Empowerment involves analyzing your own life and believing that you are able to reach realistic goals.
    Poppy Fingley, A Happier Life
  7. In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its previous life. Like the phoenix, I desired to become a different person and have a new beginning.
    Hungsoo S Kim, Next Generation Leadership
    New Beginning
  8. To understand what power is, and how it feels, you have to know what it is to be powerless.
    Antoinette Dale Henderson, Power Up
  9. As much as I love extroverts, though, I want to shine the spotlight on what it feels like to be quiet – and to show just how powerful quiet can be.
    Susan Cain, Quiet Power
  10. Empower, lift and fortify each other. For the positive vitality spread to one will be felt by every one of us. For we are associated, every last one.
    Deborah Day
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  11. We must heal our bodies and minds to empower the prefrontal cortex—the new brain, which is biologically programmable for bliss, extraordinary longevity, peace, and regeneration.
    David Perlmutter, Power Up Your Brain
  12. You can take command of yourself at any moment you desire to do so. You can make of yourself a towering figure in the work of the world. No one owns you.
    Wallace D. Wattles, The Prosperity Bible
  13. By understanding the psychology and neuroscience of happiness and implementing some simple habits, we can design a much happier brain that can empower us to experience higher dimensions and lead a quality life.
    Som Bathla, Build A Happier Brain
  14. Don’t underestimate the power of your dreams.
    Corinna Kong, Train For Joy
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  15. Name a moment when you weren’t able to change anything about the situation but still gained power by controlling your emotions and your response.
    Calista J. McBride, Happy To Meet Me.
  16. Everything you do, down to every thought you have, modifies the brain a little bit. Your brain is more akin to modeling clay than china.
    Anders Hansen, The Real Happy Pill
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  17. I grieve for all people everywhere who are sentenced to violence and destruction. I live to guide others to a position of empowerment in the face of all of life’s hardships.
    Edith Eger, The Choice
  18. Stop being your worst critic, tormentor, judge, and hangman. Turn your life around.
    Michal Stawicki, Power up Your Self-Talk
  19. What would you rather be? Closed and blocked off to the wonder of life, or curious, excited, willing to be open and ready to expand beyond your wildest dreams?
    Jody Shield, Lifetonic
    Open Minded
  20. To empower an organization, you have to empower its people. To empower people, leaders have to demonstrate appreciation in ways that maximize the impact for each individual.
    George W. Hester
  21. Astrology is wonderfully empowering, and when you harness it, it can feel as though you can press a ‘pause’ button before responding to a situation and give yourself more space to check in with your higher mind.
    Carolyne Faulkner, Your Stars
  22. If there is little or no alignment in our wishes then we may all be working against each other, rather than empowering fulfilment of shared wishes and goals.
    Edgar Milne, Empowering Alignments.
  23. Leaders empower individuals by building trust and coaching competence in their job roles and networking skills.
    Kenneth H. Blanchard, Collaboration Begins with You
  24. Education is an empowering tool that will help you develop your gifts and talents. It’s not a destination (ie degrees) but a vehicle. A vehicle takes its passengers to many different locations. It’s designed for journeys. In the same way, different kinds of education will take you to different places, different results.
    David C Hall, The Empowering Parent
  25. Why not empower the people with the greatest influence to drive better outcomes? Why not invest in treating the source of the problem—behavior—rather than treating its symptoms
    Glen Tullman, On Our Terms
  26. A good father-daughter relationship ….can empower daughters to believe in themselves and to prosecute a case with conviction and confidence. It can bestow upon a girl a sense of belonging, a self-efficacy and a resilience for life.
    Madonna King, Fathers and Daughters
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  27. Whatever we all want, it would be amazing if we all wanted the same thing. Perhaps in principle we do all want the same thing.
    Edgar Milne, Empowering Alignments
  28. Giving your power away is allowing someone else to create and define your goals.
    Melissa Perry Moraja, Empower Your Soul
  29. God’s story of birthing new life within a wounded world. From the tombs of adolescent suffering, this gospel proclaims, empowered young people rise envisioning themselves as agents of hope and change within a story that continues the liberative work of the Christ who inaugurated it.
    Jr. Rogers Frank, Finding God in the Graffiti
    Gods Plan

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