29 Unique Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

29 Unique Quotes

Here is our collection of inspirational and wise Unique Quotes from a variety of different authors.

Yes we are all unique. We have different personlities, different bodies, different outlooks and a different genetic makeup. The one thing that is the same about us all is that we are all different! What a paradox!

Many of us stuggle to embrace our individuality so we must learn how to love ourselves for who we are, it is being unique which is what makes life more interesting and the world a more enjoyable place to live.If we were all the same and didn’t express our different talents and own them too, then can you imagine what a boring place this world would be?!

Unique Quotes

  1. There are more than 7 billion people on the planet. Among them, you are unique. Live that.
    Brendon Burchard, The Charge
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  2. When you have self-respect, you will appreciate that each one is unique and understand that there is no scope for comparison.
    Paramahamsa Nithyananda, You Are Unique
    Appreciation Quotes
  3. While you are part of a connected world of energy made up of the same elements as everyone and everything else in the world, you are unique.
    Melanie Dean, The Hidden Power of Emotions
    Positive Energy Quotes
  4. To understand life is to understand ourselves, and that is both the beginning and the end of education. Krishnamurti felt that not only was a person’s nature and deepest aspects to be uncovered, but each person also has a unique vocation that needs to be discovered.
    A P J Abdul Kalam, You Are Born To Blossom
    Nature Quotes
  5. We need to live lives in which we honor our talents and our unique selves.
    Shirley H. Wells, Who Do You Think You Are?
    Live Life Quotes
  6. You are beautiful, special, unique, brilliant, kind, caring, fierce, loving, and you are loved.
    Jacqueline Hayes, You Are Enough
    Beautiful Quotes
  7. Each of us has a unique path. Take a chance. Follow your inner voice and make your dreams a reality.
    E. Steven, ‎Lee Beard, Wake Up Live the Life You Love
    Taking Chances Quotes
  8. Imagination is the golden eye. What it sees is unique. When you follow the unique ideas that come from it, you too become unique.
    C. C. Okonkwo, Step into Your Place
    Imagination Quote
  9. The odds that someone like you could exist are improbable. You are unique in your own skin… & that makes you… Incomparable!
    Same Root Different Leaves, ‎Different Leaves Same Root, Perception
    Different Quotes
  10. Understand that who you are in the Lord, makes a difference. You are the only you. You are one of a kind; you are unique!
    Izu Godson Udemezue, Golden Success Principles to Live By
    Understanding Quotes
  11. You are unique. No other individual has the same combination of gifts and qualities that you have. You are exclusive, and cannot be duplicated.You are unique. No other individual has the same combination of gifts and qualities that you have. You are exclusive, and cannot be duplicated.
    John Glossinger, You are Born to Victory
  12. You are unique: the level of your Consciousness is unique, and so are your experience, recognition and wisdom.
    Frank M. Wanderer, The Surprising Truth: Yourself as You’ve Never Seen it Before
  13. You are here to do something unique and new. You chose your flavor of individuality to serve that divine purpose. Know your perfection through knowing your imperfection.
    Story Waters, The Messiah Seed
    Not Perfect
  14. The more you saturate your mind with the truth, the more you will see yourself for the unique creation you are.
    Point Of Grace, The Complete Girls of Grace: Devotional and Bible Study Workbook
  15. Several millennia worth of observers have believed that a unique and true self resides in each of us. It may be suppressed or nurtured, thwarted or developed, but it is there.
    Gloria Steinem, Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem
  16. Just as you have your own unique fingerprint you can make a “you-nique” difference in the world around you.
    Dale Atkins, ‎Amanda Salzhauer, The Kindness Advantage
    Making A Difference
  17. Each person’s life has a unique flavor that, in a sense, no one else can know.
    Yi-Ping Ong, The Art of Being
    Believe in Yourself
  18. Every being is unique. God never creates carbon copies, he always creates originals. He believes only in the original. He is truly a creator, he never repeats.
    Osho, First in the Morning
  19. Every such instance is unique, as all love is unique. Every person is unique, and every blend of two lives in a true love is unique.
    William A. Van Roo, Basics of a Roman Catholic Theology
    True Love
  20. Remember, you are unique. There is no one in the world like you.
    Dr. Joseph Murphy, Re-Design Your Future
  21. We all have unique seeds we were born to sow and cultivate so they become unique fruit to nurture you and share with the collective consciousness.
    Tony Jeton Selimi Loneliness life
  22. Nobody holds the moral key, meaning, we all have unique values and views of the world, during the time we spend on it. That’s what makes life interesting for all of us. In the end, you must always remain true to yourself.
    Eric Eckelman, The Bachini Debacle: Mourning of Thames
  23. Emotions are a unique and incredible guidance system. They give clues and signs into what is truly happening inside us.
    Bhavna Dalal, Checkmate Office Politics
  24. Reminding yourself that you are unique with what lies inside of you will bring forth a power that only you hold.
    Point Of Grace, Girls of Grace Make it Real
  25. Each age and stage of life is full of unique potential.
    Richard H. Gentzler, An Age of Opportunity
  26. Everything and everyone is unique, but we don’t become unique and different by adapting uniqueness to who we are, we are different by being who we are, by being in touch with our true essence and allowing this uniqueness to blossom.
    Regina Norlinde, The Power of Being Different – Embrace Your Uniqueness
  27. Moreover, every day is the dawn of creation, for every day is unique and comes for the first time and the last.
    John C. H. Wu, ‎Jingxiong Wu, The Golden Age of Zen: Zen Masters of the T’Ang Dynasty
    New Day
  28. My prayer is that you will keep the right perspective, focusing on the good, not taking things for granted, and recognizing that every day is unique and irreplaceable.
    Joel Osteen, Every Day a Friday: How to Be Happier 7 Days a Week
  29. Remember you are unique. It is such uniqueness that might make your story a best – seller.
    New Horizons in English 4
    Inspirational Stories

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