40 Staying Strong Quotes: Inspirational Words of Wisdom

40 Staying Strong Quotes

We hope these powerful Stay Strong Quotes give you the inspiration you may be searching for.

Although it’s sometimes hard to see, we all have the power within us to overcome what life throws at us. From relationship breakdowns to the loss of a loved one or just the day-to-day challenges that we face – if we learn how to stay strong, we can learn how to overcome a lot of stress and sadness. Sometimes we need a little reminder to stay strong.

We have all experienced setbacks and knockdowns in our lives, but it is a testament to our character when we prove that we can get back up and carry on with the fight. When we decide to stay strong, we will continue to conquer everything that comes our way.

Sometimes we enter a dark tunnel in life, and although this tunnel may seem never-ending, there will always be a glimmer of light at the end. I encourage you to follow that light like a moth to a flame, stay strong and never give up!

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Stay Strong Quotes

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    Staying Strong Quotes To Inspire You

    Stay strong and never stop believing in yourself and in your abilities.  Mindi Heart, The journal of someone with depression

  1. Stay strong and never stop believing in yourself and in your abilities.
    Mindi Heart, The journal of someone with depression
    Believe Quotes
  2. Stay strong, stay focused, and stay balanced.
    J. S. Breving, Machinations
    Balance Quotes
  3. Mountain taught me to stay strong and face the world with a fearless beam.
    Akansha Saxena, Escape The Journey Of Words
    Mountain Quotes
  4. Stay strong and stay true to each other.
    Ryan King, Glimmer of Hope
    Be Kind
  5. Always stay strong and never let another person see you sweat.
    Renita J. Taylor, Trials and Tribulations: The Story of a Lost Soul
    Strength and Courage
  6. Remember to always stay strong and remain on your own path. We only have one life and time is ticking away, so use it wisely.
    Chris Smythe, The Perception Transformation Collectio
  7. When your friends pull you one way, when you know that it is wrong, Do what your heart says, stay strong. When your life goes the wrong way, it’s never too late to stop. Hold on to your judgment, remember what you’re taught.
    Tammie Currier, The Journey to Me: A Collection of Poems from the Past
  8. It’s hard to stay strong when it feels like everything in the world is against you. But trust me; more is with you than against you.
    Stephanie Fusco, Dodging Bullets
    Trust Quotes
  9. It’s important to learn how to survive by yourself sometimes because there are going to be times when it gets lonely, so buckle up and stay strong!
    King Jahfe, 48 Laws of a King –
  10. If you have come to a point in your life where you are at your lowest, stay strong. Always stay strong. Deliver yourself to a point in your life where you will get the most out of your life. This will turn into the best of your life.
    Sandra Ann Cormier, The Strong Road to Heaven
    Best Life
  11. As you celebrate the milestones you’ve reached in your journey, stay focused and stay strong.
    Nakia Melecio, The Courage to Stand On the Stage of Life
  12. Stay strong and stay positive and never give up on your dreams and what you want to do with your life. Always remember where there is a will there is a way!
    Isaiah Jamal Borgum, Obstacles, Lessons, & Hope
    Follow Your Dreams
  13. I encourage everyone to spread kindness, positivity, be yourself, stay strong, run your world, be whom you were created to be, not whom people want you to be.
    Wole Adeyi, I AM ME
  14. In order to survive the harsh reality or fakeness of this world you may need to be strong & invincible for yourself & for those who genuinely love you & care about you.
    Khushi Shrivastava, Venturesome Irenic Soul
    Inspirational Quotes
  15. You are a beautiful person, stay strong, be yourself.
    Acacia Green, Pulse: Book I Binuit-Namri Chronicles
    Beautiful Quotes
  16. Be yourself, stay cool, stay strong And live, enjoy, and be grateful.
    Elizabeth Redhead Phillip, Poetry and Prose from My Heart
  17. But stay strong! To yourself be true. Remember no other is quite like you. So, when you feel you don’t fit in, Know that you fit in your own skin.
    Melissa Settle, The Inventor: Benjamin Franklin
    Unique Quotes
  18. Stay strong in the world and never lose your stance on your life. Your life is so precious.
    Dr. Joy Riar O.D, Where A Beautiful Journey Begins –
    Life Is Precious
  19. I also feel like the sun sometimes staying strong in the sky trying to shine to light peoples ways so they can easily walk to find there way.
    Tabitha R. Pike, Speak Easy Anthologies & Poetry Collection
    Sunshine Quotes
  20. Staying strong quotes for dealing with lifes challenges

    When everything seems to be going wrong that's when we must decide to stay strong.

  21. When everything seems to be going wrong that’s when we must decide to stay strong.
    Chaplain Anthony, A Chaplains Book of Poems
  22. Walking through fear and discomfort can be seen as an exciting challenge, a daring adventure. Have fun with this time of your life. Know that if you stay strong, you will get all the rewards that life has to offer.
    Sheri O. Zampelli, From Sabotage to Success
    Fear Quotes
  23. God will bring you out of a negative situation if you stay strong.
    Athena M. Hodges, Bread of Heaven: Words of Strength,
  24. Inner strength and character helps you to stay strong even when situation and circumstances seem hopeless.
    Tolu’ A. Akinyemi, Unravel your Hidden Gemss
  25. If you stay strong during the storm and endure it and overcome it, you will see a rainbow after the storm.
    Dr. D. K. Olukoya, Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional
    Rainbow Quotes
  26. Don’t be in silence and fear, talk about it! Don’t hide pain behind your smile. Choose to be happy, Choose to let go your sufferings, Choose to stay strong facing all the hurdles. Be yourself, love yourself.
    Noklenola A, For that one reason
  27. I define courage as staying strong even in the toughest times. Even when you feel like dropping your head and giving up, you keep on trying.
    Maurice J. Elias, ‎Gina Ogburn-Thompson, ‎Doborah I. Neft · 2008, Urban Dreams: Stories of Hope, Resilience and Character
    Courage Quotes
  28. With every challenge, determines right from wrong, never let your guard down to become weak always stay strong.
    Rockster, Rockster’s Journey
  29. Always stay strong and face the problem with courage.
    DANICA RAYEN, The Silhouette
  30. Be strong and always stay strong. No one is evil. Everyone has a soft heart deep inside. We all go through life with infinite possibilities. Everyone has a special talent. No one is a waste.
    Shoghig O. Fodoulian, Words to Live By: A Book of Personal Quotations
  31. When the road gets tough always stay strong.
    Michelle Bazari, Bridgewood Musicals & Accomplishing a dream
    Motivational Quotes
  32. Remember to never give, always stay strong, and always keep fighting to be heard.
    Zack Peter, When Life Hands You Lemons. . . Throw Them At People!
    Fight quotes
  33. As a survivor, you need to stay strong, resilient, and be able to overcome any adversity or obstacle that gets put in your path. Survivors are naturally loyal to their cause as they know what it is like to hit rock bottom.
    Kristin Hagen, Align Above: My Passionate Dance At Life!
  34. Staying Strong Quotes For Dealing With Grief And Tough Relationships

    I know that RIGHT NOW it doesn't FEEL like it ever will pass, but it will, if you stay strong enough to stick it out and get through it.

  35. I know that RIGHT NOW it doesn’t FEEL like it ever will pass, but it will, if you stay strong enough to stick it out and get through it.
    Melissa L. Ross, Finding Herself There
    Keep Going
  36. Your ability to stay strong and never give up is incredible.
    Colman McCarthy, Opening Minds, Stirring Hearts: The Peace Studies Class
  37. I can promise you that the pain will stop if you stay strong and see it through.
    Charley Marsh, Masked in Paradise
  38. I stay strong when I feel weak and I fake happy when I want to cry because my ideal image has everything to do with put together and nothing to do with falling apart.
    Emily P. Freeman, Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life
  39. It’s harder to stay strong when you have no support. But there is strength in having friends who will stand with you.
    Tyndale · 2018, Inspire Bible for Girls NLT
    Friendship Quotes
  40. I am going to stay strong and believe that they can once again be saved. I believe that I will get to see my love again someday. When I do, I will be ready.
    Tanner McElroy, War of Wings
  41. Stay strong and believe you deserve better.
    Donna Barnes, Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships
    Walk Away Quotes
  42. Stay Strong. Become a survivor of heartbreak.
    By Anastasia Isabella, Secrets of a Poetic Rose

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