An Obstacle Is Born

An Obstacle Is Born

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We can all talk about plans and what we want to do but we can all also talk about obstacles that may prevent us from doing what we wish to do. These obstacles can be of many flavours some coming at us out of the blue, and some driving toward us with a huge head of steam. But, are these obstacles insurmountable?

A Plan
Several years ago, we had a plan; it was a plan to move out of the city and buy a country property. The next part of the plan was to live without debt using my small pension as our source of income.

The First Obstacle
The first obstacle came after we decided to finally make the move and that obstacle was finding a suitable country property that we could afford. We started to look through the real estate listings online and thought we had found a really good candidate. Because I was busy at the time, Catherine was the one who flew to our potential new property to have a first hand look. Fully expecting a positive outcome, we had started to make the final arrangements to leave our jobs and start to pack. But, it wasn’t to be. The phone call I received after her property review told the story in very clear terms – the property was totally unsuitable for a whole bunch of reasons.

Now What
What had started out as a new adventure that was supposed to go quickly in finding a property now became an obstacle. So, what did we do? Give up? Decide to stay where we were?

A Set Back
While this was not the end of the world, it was a set back to the timing of our plans. So, instead of forgetting about a country property we decided to keep looking and alter our time line instead. To make a long story short, it took us two years of weekly visits to the real estate listings before we finally found three properties that might be suitable.

The Next Step
The next step seemed obvious; we had to take some time off work and drive down to see these properties. So, off we went for our little drive and after 15 hours of steady driving, we arrived. The next three days were intense – looking, then looking again and then finally making an offer. The final story has a happy ending – we found our property, and moved several months later.

There Is A Solution
Sometimes, challenges rear up out of nowhere to dash the best of plans, and some of these obstacles can be the final play. But, if you adopt the philosophy that every obstacle has a solution, then you can find your way through. And, just to be clear, it doesn’t mean that solutions will be easy and it may mean that you will have to alter your game plan somewhat whether that is a time line, or a direction that you prefer. Sometimes, to accomplish what you want, you will need to be prepared to take the long way around because the preferred short cut is totally blocked.

The Secret
The secret to getting what you want is to stick to it like a dog after a bone – you have to demonstrate perseverance despite feelings that say it is much easier to give up. Obstacles and challenges will arise no matter who you are or what you are trying to accomplish but it is only those who know there is a solution and keep digging until they find it that will conquer the day.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Expect obstacles and face them head on. They are going to come up so the way you handle them is what makes all the difference.” Lance Dale

“There are many, many examples of people who have strived to succeed over and over again but always seemed to hit the proverbial brick wall. But, the beauty of a lot of these stories, real people stories, is that they continued to prevail where perseverance prevailed over resistance.” Catherine Pulsifer”

“It’s the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles.” Claude M. Bristol

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