I May Be Lost

I May Be Lost

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Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting some very interesting people including artists, musicians, politicians, lawyers, and professors. Each one of these people had their own unique characteristics and philosophies of life along with their own special experiences in their different professions.

Very Informed
One such professor came to mind recently when I was talking with a new acquaintance of mine that I had met at a seminar. The professor I refer to focused all his attention on his area of expertise, which happened to the history of the slave trade across the world.

Now, this professor was well versed in his area and could talk for hours and hours about the different facets of slavery and compare these to some modern day examples as I found out several times while visiting him in his office on the fourth floor of the building dedicated to the study of history.

What I Observed
After I had attended his class for a period of several weeks, I had occasion to be in the library located on the third floor researching a paper on the slave trade in the United States and I happened to look out the window lined library onto the hallway. I casually observed that this particular professor was passing by on his way, I supposed, to another colleague’s office.

As I sat there deep in thought staring out the windows, my professor walked by again on his way to somewhere. Now, there is one small characteristic you should know about this particular professor – he was a true absent-minded professor.

Confusion Clarified
After I had seen him pass by several more times, I became so curious that I couldn’t help get up, go out to the hallway and stop to speak to him.

I asked him if there was anything wrong telling him that I couldn’t help notice he had walked by many times in the past few minutes.

His answer was somewhat apologetic when he said in a straightforward manner that he . . .

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