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In order to lead with excellence, you must have the right attitude. Excellence is a quality of a person's attitude about how they do things. Brian Cagneey, Leadership:The 7 Laws Of Leadership

We don't have to let the things we cannot change take control of our lives. Just because we cannot change something doesn't mean we must give it control of life. That's where attitude comes in.
Ethan Hunter, Maya Angelou: 24 Powerful Lessons And Insights From Maya Angelou
Words of Encouragement

One must first have a burning desire, similar to a 'I can't wait to start work' attitude, to have or obtain only what now is currently only a dream. Byron Pulsifer, Dreams To Reality

The most wonderful thing about spring-cleaning - of the house and of the heart -is the attitude that comes with the results! When you remove all of the dirt, dust and clutter, you respond differently to everything in your life.
Sheri Easter, Eyes Wide Open

Sometimes my attitude comes through in the way I speak and the way I listen and the way I forgive, and sometimes I need a change of mind, a turn of heart, because neither are always, every hour of every day, in the right place.
Rachel Toalson, We Embrace Wisdom

I firmly believe that this attitude where you can step back and look at a situation calmly, seeing the big picture, comes with being an older adult.
Michael Lee Joshua, How Great Is Our God Devotional

"When you begin changing things in your life, it becomes apparent to those around you fairly quickly. Your attitude and demeanor change, your outward appearance changes and the things you talk about to these people change based on your daily experiences." T. Whitmore, Fearless

The important thing to keep in mind is that gratitude is an attitude you choose to embody.
Lisa Broesch-Weeks, Practical Bliss

We should maintain an open mind and a compassionate attitude if we wish to be at peace. Beau Norton
  • "We should maintain an open mind and a compassionate attitude if we wish to be at peace." Beau Norton, How to Find Peace

    The reality you live in is a reflection of what you believe. If you are happy and prosperous, with a positive outlook and attitude, it is because you are engaging in an empowering belief system that has created this way of life. Scott Allan, Drive Your Destiny
    Positive Thinking

    "Instead of taking the attitude that your emotions are wild, uncontrollable phenomena that cause you to act in irrational ways you need to discipline yourself to effectively manage your emotions." Scott Colter, Psychology: Positive

    Although customer actions (purchasing, recommending) are ultimately what you care about, attitudes affect actions - so measuring and understanding customer attitudes helps to predict future behavior. Jeff Sauro, Customer Analytics For Dummies
    Customer Service

    Without taking into account the "revolutionary" impact that our attitude of forgiveness can have, not only does it allow us to interrupt a vicious circle, but with an attitude of mercy we can spiritually correct someone who has erred by giving them a chance to turn over a new leaf and make new moral choices. Gianni Ferrario, Adolfo Panfili, Laugh Love Live

    "We are responsible for the habits we teach our children. If children attend school with an attitude of self-responsibility, they answer to their own consciences rather than wait for parents or teachers to punish or remind them to study." Rose Marie Whiteside, As For Me And My House

    To be truly successful, you require the strength of body, positive mentality, and most importantly work hard to fulfil your potential. You also require the right attitude and discipline to a point where you place your goal before some of your needs. Michael Welton, Be Your Best

    People can enter relationships - romantic, family, and friends - with the wrong attitude, the attitude that the other person should ultimately create a "better" life for us. Helena Angel, How To Be Happy

    You tend to mimic what you see and young children usually copy the attitudes and ways of the older members of the family. Your experiences during your childhood days greatly affect your self-esteem. Ben Robinson, The Confidence Manual
    Self Esteem

    Your words, your expressions will reflect your attitude. Be conscious of how and what you say. Catherine Pulsifer
  • Your words, your expressions will reflect your attitude. Be conscious of how and what you say. Catherine Pulsifer

    A change in perception and attitude must evolve over time, but it isn't set in stone. Like with most new changes, it will be hard the first few days until it becomes instinct for you to do them without questioning them. Justin Chua, 7 Baby Lessons For GIANT Breakthroughs in Love, Life and Entrepreneurship

    Jesus insisted upon an attitude of faith, and he frequently tied his miraculous works to the recipients' faith or belief. James Thompson, Subconscious Mind Power

    "For some individuals, there is a certain solace in accepting that they can't keep away from the destructive way they're headed, despite the fact that they know where it ends. They are bolted into a self-defeating attitude that says, 'I know I'm doomed, yet what would I be able to do about it?'" Anthony Herrera, Habits: The Secret To Breaking Bad Habits

    Simply ask yourself "what will happen today that is truly great" or some similar question that fills you with an optimistic attitude towards the events you will encounter each day. Ilya Alexi, Mind Over Money

    Reviving your confidence as a leader comes from within you. It is steeped in the choices you make and the attitude or posture you take. Michele Morgan, Work Ethics

    Changing our attitude about change is one of our best management tools. Look for opportunities in every change in your life. Meir Liraz, How to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills

    Your attitude, more than anything, will influence your effectiveness. If you approach other with humility, respect, heartfelt concern, coworkers will generally give great deference to the message. Pat Gelsinger

    Everyday I awake with a smile on my face, a prayer on my lips, and with an attitude of gratitude for another day of life. Amber Rain, Happiness: How to Stop Feeling Depressed, Hopeless, Lonely, Sad and Be Happy

    Sometimes, it is not only a matter of having the right knowledge, skills or attitudes or the right amount of resources and network but also the right persistence to become successful. Thelma Barnes, Practice Persistence

    A confident person will display an attitude that will accomplish things. I like to call this my "can-do" attitude. Frankie Robinson, Confidence

    I believe, however, that our own peaceful and neighborly attitude toward other Nations is coming to be understood and appreciated. The maintenance of international peace is a matter in which we are deeply and unselfishly concerned. Franklin Roosevelt
    Peace Quotes

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