Count Those Blessings

Count Those Blessings


Not only at Christmas but throughout the year we all need to stop and count our blessings.

Challenging Times
There are challenging times in our lives, there are dark times, there may be times when you feel hopeless, and there are always happy times.

During all of those times we should stop and take a moment to count our blessings.

If it is a difficult time you will find by reflecting on the blessings you do have will help your attitude in dealing with the situation you are in.

Our Attitude
Many times our own attitude will determine how we see our world. When we are in a happy time we see the world very differently than if we are in a more challenging time.

Money Is Not The Answer
To be happy does not mean that you have everything in your life that you could possibly imagine as if you were fabulously rich. There are countless stories of wealth and fame that have lead to depression, unhappiness or even death.

Money does not make one happy; it is what is within your soul, made up by your beliefs, attitudes and character that leads to happiness. Sure it is nice to have the money you need to do things and buy everything you want but that is only a material possession.

Some years ago, I always remember a friend who told me they had everything they could possibly want including a big house, servants and money but were absolutely miserable to the point where they left the marriage and started with almost nothing. Many, hearing this story, just wanted the chance to have what she had but they were only looking at the superficial aspects of life.

A Struggle
If you are feeling that life is pressing you hard and that you are . . . . . Read the rest of Count Those Blessings Page 2

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