Dreams Are For Living

Dreams Are For Living

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There are very few people who do not dream, and, in fact, if you do not dream, this can lead to some very devastating results from a medical standpoint. For those who remember their nightly dreams, however, these dreams are usually much different than those you may have at the conscious level.

Conscious Level Dreaming
Conscious level dreaming is that state of mind that you have created with those thoughts, desires and wishes for something to happen in the future. These types of dreams can be reoccurring, or they may arise at the conscious level periodically. However, if the same dream keeps reoccurring, this means that you really want or desire that about which you dream.

Some people have the personal fortitude to start taking action to accomplish their conscious dreams while others do no more than talk about it, think about it, but take no concrete action to even start.

Failure = Procrastination
The biggest failure is that contained in the word procrastination, which basically means that you keep putting off that which you need to do or should do. Thousands upon thousands of people never, ever do one thing towards beginning to make a dream a living reality. Don’t be one of those people who say, if only someday and not take action towards achieving your dreams.

This inaction, procrastination, more talk than action, was what I heard constantly from a friend of mine several years ago. He had a dream to launch a new business, a business that he could start for next to nothing in capital but would take time, energy, and of course a risk. Unfortunately for him, he never got by the “talk about it” stage always able to find excuse after excuse for delaying taking action.

His first excuse was that he wanted to wait until his mortgage was paid off and he was in the fortunate position of being able to do this within five years. The, the next excuse came when he had a newborn, and, you guessed it, he wanted to wait until his son was living on his own. Well, that time also came, and sure enough, he found another excuse in that he decided to buy a newer and bigger house and wanted to wait until he was settled and his mortgage was again paid in full. I think you know the ending ? he never took one action that would lead him forward and still talks about starting his business to this day.

You Must Take Action
In order to live your dream, you must take action, There is never a good time for a lot of things in life but if you wait until the right time, I’m positive it will never come. You either have a passion, a need, a burning desire to live your dream, or you are just talking.

Each one of us can make a choice – the choice is to go for it, or let the dream die – which is it?

Do Something
There is no point in having a dream especially a dream that occurs with great frequency if you are not going to do something that brings it to reality. Sometimes, these dreams may mean that you will have to change your life substantially in order to fulfill the dream. On other occasions, it may mean that you can unfold these dreams on a part-time basis, depending on the dream, and start the process slowly but steadily. A dream does not need to be implemented all at once, nor does it have to be completed in a short time span. Take for example, a friend of mine who always dreamed about playing the guitar and singing his own self-composed songs. The first step was to get enough money together to buy a guitar that he wanted, and the next step was to find a guitar teacher who was willing to teach him at his own pace and when time was available. He did buy his guitar after saving a little money each month, and succeeded in finding a retired guitar teacher who was more than happy to teach him when he had the time.

You have a chance to live your dream; do not let it vanish into the mists of the morning.

Inspirational Quotes To Consider:
“The primary reasons people don’t move forward on their goals are; lack of clarity, procrastination, indecision, perfectionism, not taking responsibility, allowing others to discourage, surrounded by underachievers, too much social media, entertainment and television, negativity, fear, working on too many projects, overthinking everything and a lack of passion.” Erica Hudson

“Whatever you want to achieve, start now. Do not procrastinate as it makes you hold on to excuses and negativity.” Brandon Cutt

“Procrastination is a cunning thief and it steals the most important element in your life, Time.” Robert Davies

“All dreams are achievable, some people just have to work harder than others and some may even have to wait longer than others.”Kendell Fox

“Everyone wants to be sucessful in life and you can keep dreaming of all the wonderful things that can possibly happen in your life. But the thing about dreams is that they cannot come true on their own if you don’t strive to make them come alive.”Joseph Parker

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