Dreams To Reality

Dreams To Reality

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How do you bring your dreams to reality? I’m not talking about a dream that we all experience while we sleep. I’m talking about a dream that shows a new career or pursuit. Something that you wished you had or something you desire that is much different than what you currently are experiencing.

Most people have these kinds of dreams at some point in their life. Maybe a dream of a new and exciting career crops up when you have been facing difficult challenges in your current occupation. Maybe, a dream comes to the forefront of your thoughts when your children are grown and have left the nest now freeing up time and resources that previously were consumer by family issues, attention and devotion.

Or. it could be dream formerly denied because of pressure from other significant people in your life, like parents, who pushed you to entertain a chosen path of life that was never one of your burning desires.

Is there anything wrong with these kinds of dream?

Is This Daydreaming?

Some people might suggest that to have a dream or a recurring dream that depicts a new reality is simply daydreaming where this dream only acts as a way to fill the void from a less than satisfying job and provides a necessary escape from their current reality thus making their current situation somewhat bearable.

The interesting and more significant point, as well, is that a dream may be what should be actually turned into a day-to-day reality that provides a more pleasing and fulfilling life.

Reasons Why Not A Reality

So, why not invest the mental or physical energy wasted on dreaming into developing a plan that will move you closer and closer to what you really desire? This question leads naturally to the question of why not turn a dream into reality?

Some reasons for not starting is just that; you never start; you never take any steps whatsoever in taking any steps or actions. But, maybe this thought is putting the cart before the horse. What I mean is that one must first have a burning desire, similar to a ‘I can’t wait to start work’ attitude, to have or obtain only what now is currently only a dream.

The other question that one must ask is this: how many roadblocks to initiating one’s dream are you creating or, in the reverse sense of this question, how many roadblocks can I create so that I won’t initiate or start working towards fulfilling my dream?

Who Not What Is The Obstacle?

One situation often occurs in people wrestling with the decision on whether or not to go full steam ahead in the pursuit of putting into reality their dream. This situation, although not in all cases, refers more to the roadblocks one allows to give precedence to in their decision making process. By this I mean that some people will focus their mind on discovering or inventing more reasons why they shouldn’t pursue their dream than they do in making a list of why they should pursue their dream.

If you find yourself in this situation, one positive action is to talk with someone you know who has changed their career, someone who has had to make sustained effort to change despite obstacles or circumstances. Why?

Simple. The person who has taken action to move beyond an unsatisfying career has learned what it takes; has developed a set of procedures; has formulated an action plan; and one who has learned to overcome obstacles. The mind is a powerful tool and with its’ inherent power comes the challenge to sift the wheat from the chaff especially as it relates to discouraging thoughts having greater sway in one’s mind than thoughts of encouragement. Part of the reason for these senses of discouragement have their antecedents in one’s experiences in life up to their current position in life. These antecedents may involve a feeling of lack of self-worth or a feeling of inadequacy or a feeling that ramps up one’s fear of taking a risk.

Decide Now

I understand that this may be a little difficult just to wholeheartedly plunge into implementing a dream, so, one of the first things to do is to decide whether you have a real and burning desire that our dream become your reality. This is a critical question and one that must be contemplated thoroughly.

It is one thing to want to do it, I understand, and quite another to actually turn this dream into a working plan. There are some alternatives to starting, however. One thing that I would suggest is to set about doing extensive research into the aspects of what your dream entails.

This research means that you can start by using the Internet to research similar ideas that have been turned into a success story, or even stories about failures. Failures can provide a host of ideas of what not to do but can also show you what was tried and the method used. In finding out what was previously done, you can also research better ways of doing something than was originally done. In other words, finding failures reveals what not to do and this discovery is a key lesson to understand.

Research Pays Off

After you have conducted a thorough review, you can also research people who have had success in doing something that is related.

In doing this kind of research, you are really looking to develop a list of potential mentors. These are people who you could contact, relate a few points about what you want to do, and ask them if they would be kind enough to talk with you (if they live close to you), or to have a telephone discussion. These discussions can cover the entire gambit from developing a solid and workable plan to what to do next in preparing to launch or start whatever it is that your dream entails.

An Example To Consider

Let’s say your dream was to become a doctor. You already know what a doctor is so you need to decide what kind of doctor you want to be, that is, a general family physician, or a doctor specializing in a certain kind of medicine.

In this case, for example, one thing you must determine is whether you have the necessary courses to be considered for medical school. If you are just about to enter university, this means that you would gear your course selection towards fulfilling the basic requirements that will allow you to be admitted to medical school.

The course decisions can be a lot easier if you speak with a doctor who specializes in an area you would like to eventually specialize in. One option that is freely available today is to search the Internet for information on various specialties. Another option is to go to your local hospital and ask to speak to the hospital administrator to see if he or she could arrange a meeting with a specialist. Or, you could ask your family physician if they would help you speak to a specialist.

Better Not To Go It Alone

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to ask them for guidance or suggestions than going it alone, or, worse still, staying mired in current circumstances where the only positive is your dream?

It is entirely up to you; it is your choice.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:

“Your attitudes and the choices you make today will be your life tomorrow, build it wisely.” Author Unknown

“Dare to dream, but even more importantly, dare to put action behind your dreams.” Josh Hinds

“Decision is the spark that ignites action. Until a decision is made, nothing happens. Decision is the courageous facing of issues, knowing that if they are not faced, problems will remain forever unanswered.” Wilferd Peterson

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