Faith Quotes Page 4

Faith Quotes Page 4

Faith comes from your heart and that’s belief. Brian L Summy, It’s Not About Me, It’s About God

There is only one way to live your everyday life and that is with your faith and your hope permanently on God. Olivia Benjamin, Billy Graham: Graham, 70 Greatest Life Lessons

If you are struggling with where you are at with your faith and/ or religion, find someone that you trust that you can share your feelings about guilt, shame, and God. Angela Agranoff, Overcoming Guilt and Shame

God’s promises are always come fully packed with the potential to be fulfilled when activated by faith and trust in him. God’s promises can be relied upon when all other promises fail. James Strand, First Steps to Faith

To trust in the Lord means activating your faith in someone other than yourself. Donna Schmier, Unshakable Faith
Faith In God

The Spirit of God stirs up faith in our hearts through the gospel message. Matt Eachus, Gospel: Encountering and Remembering the Good News of Jesus

The only way that we can keep the commandments of God here on earth is if the faith of Jesus resides in us. Russell M. Stendal, The Seventh Trumpet and the Seven Thunders
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Faith in Jesus is not like the cults or other false religions that ask you to believe them simply because they say so. Dr. A.G. Walp, Resurrection (Fact or Fiction)

So if a person thinks he has faith but lacks confidence that Jesus Christ is saving him, does he really have faith at all? R. C. Sproul, Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?

If a person has faith but not repentance, that person does not have authentic faith. R.C. Sproul, What Is Repentance?

Perhaps the oldest dilemma of the Christian faith is the apparent contradiction between the sovereignty of God and the freedom of man. R. C. Sproul, Can I Know God’s Will?

Fight off fear and doubt; you must build your faith muscle to ready yourself to take possession of what God has given you. Often, the gifts are not dropped in your lap. It takes work to possess the gifts in your life. John Keyes, A Letter To My Son

Let the thought that He knows my need before I ask, bring me, in great restfulness of faith, to trust that He will give what His child requires. Andrew Murray, Lord, Teach Us To Pray

As sure as the sun shines every morning, bringing warmth and life – and the sun will shine this morning, eventually – God gives us opportunities to walk out in faith. Eleze “Lisa”Thomas-McMillan, Living Fulfilled…The Infectious Joy Of Serving Others

Christianity is based on the moral values of faith, hope, and love . . . Christianity places a special emphasis on love. Vincent KMC, One Book: Where Do We Go From Here?

Jesus sees what we are, our failures, our flaws, and by faith our fabulous futures! Tim Sawyer, Peter: A model for following Jesus

Placing our full faith in God allows Him to use us in greater ways than our own physical capabilities and limitations will allow. Josh Austin, Joshua: GOD’s Chosen Warrior

Gratitude opens the doors to your heart and welcomes in faith, love, peace, hope and freedom. Josh Austin, Wealth: 6 Ways to Make it Count

The Lord gives us the key to dealing with the tribulation. He commands us to be of good cheer! He is talking about a living faith that rejoices until the victory is won! Michael Crenshaw, Thirty Days of Joy

. . . the kind of faith that stands through trials is faith based on knowing God and believing what He says is true about himself in Scripture. Camille Kendall, Wish You Were Here: Letters From the Foot of the Cross
Trust God

Faith is the actual force that connects God to the heart of His believing child. Jillian Hall, Joyce Meyer, Lessons Of Leadership And Success
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Nothing can have a greater force and efficacy upon the heart to make it pure, than faith. Faith will remove mountains – the mountains of pride, lust, envy. Thomas Watson, The Pure in Heart
Faith Is

Salvation is a gift; accepting that gift by faith is the only thing a person can do. Joseph Dulmage, Approaching Adventure
Inspirational Prayers

Experience in working with God taught me that God alone is the one who teaches people to love, and hope, and have faith, and it is a marvelous thing to behold! John Biesemeier, God Is Doing What

The reason some people don’t experience many faith victories in their lives is that they are not fulfilling their call. They aren’t finding what God wants them to do. Dave Roberson, The Walk of the Spirit

Faith may be challenging, but it is, at the same time, simple. Faith is not about making ourselves believe, nor is it a matter of focusing our attention on what we may desire to have happen. Dr. Steven Stiles, Journey on the Hard Side of Miracles

The basis of your happiness, your peace of mind, and your very life should be your faith in and relationship with the God who created you and loves you. Brian Tubbs, Why Does God Allow Suffering?

In prayer, we strip down all our pride in His graceful presence as we let Him in on all our supplications and open our hearts to receive His goodness through faith and hope that He will listen and do according to His will. Steven Nash, Prayer For Beginners

Many Christians know very well what the arguments are against faith. It’s not that we’re ignorant of them – it’s simply that we don’t think they stand up all that well. Dave Gipson, Your Brain’s Too Small for God: Straight talk for skeptics
Inspirational Messages

Faith means believing in something that you cannot prove to be there. We are called to have faith in God, faith in the gospel, and faith that God will provide us with what we need to carry out His purpose for our lives.J.W. Boggs, Deodorant Christianity
Quote of The Day

God has created several doors which open onto truth. He opens them to all those who knock on them with the hand of faith. Kahlil Gibran
Famous Quotes

It is the faith that steers us through stormy seas, faith that moves mountains and faith that jumps across the ocean. Gandhi

Faith is not only a feeling; it is a decision. Neil L. Andersen

O, God, instill in me a faith that spans my every hour,
And let me know how great You are; reveal Your holy power.
Greta Zwaan, My Great God
Poems about God

Pray by name for those you know and love who are not yet a part of this kingdom. Pray that they would be given the gift of faith and the courage to submit to Christ’s kingship. Jo Swinney, Walking with the Bible

You have to walk by faith. You have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and living for Him. Heather Lindsey, The Purpose Room
Inspirational Sayings

Faith is not a philosophy or intellectual belief. True faith is the deep confidence of the heart. G B Woodcock, One with Christ | Series Two
Positive Quotes

We are to approach Jesus as little children, with the complete faith and trust of a child, trusting our Father to defend and protect us. Michele Ellison, Jesus Peace

Stand firm in your faith and in God’s promises. With Him on your side, you have nothing to fear. Ruthie Spoonemore, Faithful Living

What better way to strengthen your child’s faith in God while exploring the traditions of Christmas? Don’t be surprised when you begin to see improvements in your child’s ability to understand why it’s okay to write to Santa but only pray to Jesus. Jason E. Royle, Jesus vs. Santa: Christmas Misunderstood

Seeing all things under the authority and power of God, as a Father who loved us before He created us, shifts our faith beyond anything we could imagine for ourselves. Fran Rogers, First Things That Last Forever

The essence of the Christian gospel is an inward change – the new birth. It’s this inward reality that’s demonstrated outwardly in the dramatically changed lives of so many who become Christians. Brian Johnston, Overcoming Objections to Christian Faith
Christian Quotes about Life

God’s salvation must not be a secondary thing; it must be the first thing. This wholehearted devotion will give strength to our faith and confidence to our hope. Andrew Murray, How to Raise Children for Christ
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