Flying With Struggle

Flying With Struggle

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It may seem odd to think of flying with struggle but that is exactly what life is all about. You simply cannot fly in life without there being a struggle. Why is that?

Life Is Not About
Life is not just about doing everything at once, nor is it about having everything you want or desire without the effort, struggle, or failures that are encountered.

For many people, dreams are as far as they ever get in realizing what they want in life. Their dreams are made up of what they see on the surface when they view what other people seem to have, beautiful homes, fancy cars, going out to dinner and shows, having exotic vacations, a cottage or a boat. What they do not see below the surface is all the effort, toil, and dedication it took to get where they are today. It is a lot easier to think about the current rather than the steps that led these types of people to the present.

What Can Be Done Easily?
In fact, what do you know that can be done without a bit of struggle? Could it be acquiring an education, or learning a new skill, or developing a successful business, or an accomplished painter, musician, or athlete? Well, the answer is obvious; none of these were acquired without work, effort, struggle, overcoming obstacles, perseverance, giving up free time, or long hours of frustration until a skill was developed.

Let Us Turn For A Moment To Another Viewpoint
What if you could give your child, a friend, or a stranger everything they wanted without them having to take any effort at all, or even the tiniest bit of work to get it. Would that person appreciate what they now have; would they know how to even maintain the lifestyle, or would they know how to keep the business moving forward and not go in a downward spiral?

There is some debate among parents of this new generation about the question of whether our children have been given so much that they now expect everything all at once. A case in point is a friend of mine who has a son who is . . . . .

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