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  1. "Being able to see the end result, rather than just the task, eliminates obstacles, focuses your energy, and provides motivation to excel."
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  2. Remaining focused is the most important aspect of any exercise system. Vince Kowalski, Super Strength
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  3. Declaration Today, I choose to keep going in the right direction, to persevere, to persist. I am not focused on how fast I get there. I am focused on how consistently I move toward the vision God has shown me for my life. Valorie Burton, Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable
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  4. When we wake up in the morning, we should choose to focus on good things; we should choose to be grateful; we should choose to be excited about the day. Victoria Osteen, Love Your Life
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  5. The more focus you have, the greater your clarity, then the easier it is for you to define the path. Robert Craven, Kick-start Your Business
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  6. Focus on success not on failures. Dan Amaya, How to Reach Happiness
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  7. "Just as intention and tiny actions can help us achieve big goals, tiny moments and thoughts of focusing on things that do not help our success can take away from our progress and success in big ways." Lisa Kardos, Success Blueprint
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  8. "Many people told me that it was important not to focus on regrets or to be too hard on one's self." John Izzo, Ph.D., the five secrets you must discover before you die
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  9. "If you are looking to inspire people then blaming is the last thing you want to do. To inspire others, focus your attention on the solution not the blame. No good comes from blame, good comes from finding a way to correct the situation." Kate Summers
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  10. Looking back on it, I definitely think that my practice of setting intentions on a daily basis contributes hugely to me being focused, efficient, productive, and energized to complete all of this with joy and great fulfillment. Elles Lohuis, The Little Guide to Setting Intentions
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  11. A pro tip is to focus on being productive, and not on being busy. This is when you strive toward getting things done the right way, rather than powering through countless tasks. Gavin Bird, Getting Things Done
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  12. Focus on what you have rather than what you don't have and always have a good attitude remembering always to focus on the positive. Andy C. E. Brown, Self Confidence
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  13. A good leader is someone who is not discouraged or disheartened by failure, and chooses to focus on the next task at hand without letting their failures affect their judgment. Ross Elkins, Business: Golden Nugget Methods for High Effectiveness
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  14. When we embark on writing, or creating anything for that matter, in order to cultivate active patience we need to remember our achievements in life, focus on the task at hand and never give up. N. C. Harley, Active Patience
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  15. "Instead of focusing on doubts, focus on the facts, and remain positive that you will control what you can, and resolve to deal honestly and straightforwardly with the things you can't control." William Clark; Wendy Larson, Emotional Intelligence
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  16. "There's no such thing as failure. Mistakes happen in your life to bring into focus more clearly who you really are." Oprah Winfrey
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  17. "All of the wishes and dreams that you hold dear are obtainable. All you need to do is focus upon who you are, how the world sees you and how you see yourself. Once you do, you will never doubt yourself again." Nathan Smart, Self Confidence
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  18. "Sure there are things we all don't like doing, but rather than focusing on what we don't like, focus on what inspires us or on the good of what you are doing. And, there is always good in everything if we just look for it." Catherine Pulsifer, Enthusiasm a Key to Success
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  19. ". . . if you are willing to be the kind of person who takes responsibility for what you can do and change your focus from what you cannot control, you can improve the situation or solve the problem." Dr. Henry Cloud; Dr. John Townsend, It's Not My Fault
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  20. "Sometimes, life's challenges are tough to deal with. You will succeed if you focus your thoughts on how to overcome the challenge." Catherine Pulsifer, Thinking Positive
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  21. "Many people have never learned to control or focus thoughts. Their lives are a mix of which ever way the winds of experience have blown." Ronald Hopfer, The Power of a Creative Being
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  22. "I came up with seven strategies that had always served me well: self-worth, focus, resilience, empathy, loyalty, forgiveness, and most important, optimism." Leeza Gibbons, Fierce Optimism
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  23. "There are numerous ways to help yourself concentrate more effectively on those things that really matter, and always remember that attention is like any other skill: the more you do it, the better you become at it." Debeena Harris, Mindfulness
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  24. "If you focus on the possible when you experience difficult situations, YOU CAN positively change your outlook, reduce your stress, and concentrate on achieving things that otherwise may not have been possible." Catherine Pulsifer
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  25. "What you focus on grows. What you concentrate on is what you see more of in your life." Robin Sharma
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  26. "The first step to moving past a limitation is to be clear as to what you want in the first place." Michael Ruderman, Moving Past Your Limitations
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  27. "Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them. Focus on your potential instead of your limitations." Alan Loy McGinnis
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  28. "Ground yourself in the real meaning of the season and let this focus bring calm and purpose to all the Christmas preparations surrounding you." Kathryn Shirey, Pray Deep for Advent
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  29. "Concentration enables you to control your thoughts. When you are paying attention, it is possible to regulate your mind." Mat Fox, Concentration Improvement
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  30. "In fact, Einstein had speech difficulties, and it was not until he was two that he started to utter some few words. His speech difficulties made him more of a loner from a tender age and could thus focus on things that could make a great impact later in life." Steven Nishi, Albert Einstein: How Diversity Creates a Genius
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  31. Pursuing as few goals as possible doesn't mean you're not allowed to do anything else besides working on them. Having a limited focus means that you dedicate the majority of your time, energy and your brain's capacity to as few vital objectives as you can. If you have any other goals, they take a back seat or fade into the background. You can work on them when you have free time, but never at the expense of your primary goal or goals. Martin Meadows, The Ultimate Focus Strategy
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  32. Thursdays bring a focus to our week to complete all that needs to be done" Byron Pulsifer
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  33. Focus, focus, focus. It is so easy to lose our focus; there are many things that can distract us from achieving our goals. So often, I say these three words to remind myself of my goals and to do the things that I need to do. Catherine Pulsifer
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