Forgiveness Quotes Page 3

Forgiveness Quotes Page 3

Forgiveness opens the opportunity for those relationships to show you the love that you have always deserved. Eric Watterson, I Forgive You
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We cannot live a perfect life; we will all make mistakes. Forgive yourself for each of the mistakes that come to mind, and rejoice that our God shows us more grace than we are often able to show ourselves. Sarah Young, Jesus Calling Book Club Discussion Guide for Women
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Repent – To regret the wrong actions we have done or our failure to do things we should have done, and to turn from such behaviour,seeking God’s forgiveness. Jo Swinney, Walking with the Bible
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We may be tempted to think of repentance merely in terms of forgiveness, but it is also about cleansing. R.C. Sproul, What Is Repentance?
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Forgiving each other for every fault, flaw, and mistake, whether big or small, is one of the best ways to keep respect between couples and to make the marriage a happy one. Vivian Sandau, Mutual Respect in Marriage
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If we ask for forgiveness, God wipes our slate clean. He loves us so strongly. Mona M. Hanna, The Nature of God
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God offers two precious commodities: genuine forgiveness, a blotting out of all your sins – past, present, and future; and the assurance that your past need not control your future. Erwin W. Lutzer, Getting to No
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A relationship with God begins with repentance. There is no forgiveness of sins without it. David Servant, The Disciple-Making Minister
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We all make wrong choices but if you don’t forgive others like your father forgives you, then that jealousy, hatred, anger that you hold against another will come out in the form of sickness or trouble. Rev J Martin, The Power Of Choice
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Love, forgive, be gracious, be kind, be sincere. Jesus didn’t rescue us and make us part of His family in order to send us out into this world as jerks. John Stange, What did Jesus say about Marriage?
Kindness   |  

God shows His love by forgiving us everyday. Ruthie Spoonemore, Faithful Living
God’s Love   |  

Tell God you’re sorry that you hurt him and yourself. Ask God to forgive you of your sins. Tell him you believe that Jesus is the Savior. Andrew Wright, Christian: How God Blows Me Away!
Believe   |  

We are forgiven our injustices, but that’s not the end of it, because we also must forgive others. Tim Chaddick; Craig Borlase, Better
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Forgiving means letting go of the past. It means that we let others act for themselves without judging them. Christian Olsen, How to Forgive
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God forgives us of our sins. He casts them as far as the east is from the west. Think about that wisdom. Richard Massafra, The Invisible Marriage Counselor
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When we finally repent of our sin and forgive those who have hurt us – as God calls us to do over and over again in his Word – then the light of God shines like a bright, healing beam in our hearts and clears the vision of God before us. Matt Brown, Awakening
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Realize you’re human. . . in need of God’s forgiveness. C.J. Kruse, Her 28 Day Marriage Challenge
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Just like talking to a trusted friend and asking for forgiveness, all you have to do is talk to God and ask Him for forgiveness, too. Laura Beckder, Things You Both Can Do to Improve Your Marriage
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Feeling bad about yourself for things that have gone wrong won’t change things so forgive yourself and your mistakes and then move on from them. Heather Rose, Depression Help
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Therefore, believe that you too can obtain mercy regardless of what you may have done because God does not show favoritism (Acts 10: 34) and forgive some people like Saul-Paul and refuse to forgive others. Miriam Kinai, Boxed Set 3 Christian Sermons
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Let us in faith accept the forgiveness as promised: as a spiritual reality, an actual transaction between God and us, it is the entrance into all the Father’s love and all the privileges of children. Andrew Murray, Lord, Teach Us To Pray
Faith   |

Am I being as forgiving of others as I hope they’ll be of me? Gobel Brockman, Follow Jesus
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If we would share our sins, we would have people to pray with us, let us know we are loved, and help us forgive ourselves as we ask for God’s forgiveness. J.W. Boggs, Deodorant Christianity
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If you are bitter towards those who do you wrong, it will only hold you back and make you ineffective. Forgive them as Christ forgives you, but still be as wise as a serpent and protect your vision. Samuel Leeds, Do the Possible, Watch God Do the Impossible
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Others, including myself, have already broken the commands of God, but a sinful soul can repent from this sin. No sin is too great for God to forgive and pardon. Happy Zhou, How I Discovered God
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Christianity’s answer is one of forgiveness and reconciliation, and entrance into God’s eternal home in heaven. Dave Gipson, Your Brain’s Too Small for God
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We cannot change the past, but God can change our perception of it through forgiveness. Robin Zaruba, God Is…
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Forgiveness is crucial to finding peace. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you endorse what they did to you – or what they’re doing. Forgiveness also doesn’t mean you must continually subject yourself to mistreatment. Brian Tubbs, Why Does God Allow Suffering?
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Sin requires confession and forgiveness (1 John 1: 9; Romans 10: 9, 10; Acts 3: 19) taking note that belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection makes this all possible (John 1: 12; 1 John 4: 10); Betty Wade; Darlene M. Wetzel, Anxiety
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He is molding us, so that our character mirrors that of Jesus: the way He thinks, loves, and forgives. Cherie Hill, Waiting on God
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Learn to forgive quickly. You may think that you can walk in un-forgiveness and still hear God. Yes you can. That is His Voice telling you to forgive that person and let the offence go. Sheldon Newton, Hearing The Voice of God
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So, we who would follow Christ have to reach the point of being sorry for our sins, confessing them to God, and asking for His forgiveness. Clive Nicholson PhD, Baptism: let’s not water it down!
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Forgiveness may be the biggest decision we tackle in our journey toward victory. Forgiveness toward others, ourselves and God can take time and patience. Heather Shore, God Uses Deeply Wounded People
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Ask God whether you need to forgive someone, and give Him any anger you have, no matter how justified that anger may be. LuziAnna Georgia; Hattie Bethan-Yaad, Deacons Wives 22
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So, whether we feel shame for past mistakes and hide from others, or feel shameful before God, both situations call for moving from behind that wall, forgiving ourselves, and loving well so that we can live complete lives. Dawna Hetzler, Walls of a Warrior
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… learning to forgive yourself is not for the faint of heart. To learn, and maybe one day to master, forgiveness and compassion as a way of life, you will need plenty of willingness to take risks, an excellent sense of humor, enormous portions of persistence, and plain, old-fashioned guts. Thom Rutledge, The Self-Forgiveness Handbook
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“Forgiveness of sin cannot be granted by any person on this earth and cannot be earned by any action or activity, no matter how admirable it may be. Only Jesus Christ has God’s full and complete authority to forgive sin. And this forgiveness is offered to all people who are willing to repent and turn to the Lord Jesus.” Don Wilton, A Hope and a Future
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“When past history is raised, our current confusion is deepened. That is why we cannot move on from our current crisis without real forgiveness and restoration.” Graham Cooke; Gary Goodell, Permission Granted to Do Church Differently in the 21st Century
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