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Cultivate an attitude of gratitude instead of a mindset of scarcity. Observe the abundance and good that is already in your life. Candy Paull, The Heart of Abundance
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By saying thank you for the things we have been blessed with, we create within ourselves the belief that because good things have happened to us in the past, they will happen to us in the future. Zeeshan Raza, U Turn Your Life
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Creativity is important in building self-confidence as well as good mental health. Richard Carroll, Creativity: The Ultimate Creativity Guide
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Even if your goal is to be a good conversationalist, you also need to train your listening skills. Josh David, People Skills Guide
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My Hope For You . . . success, by solving your problems, focusing on your goals, and always having hope, good fortune will find you Catherine Pulsifer, Happy New Year
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Good depends not on things but on the use we make of things. Author Unknown
Good depends not on things but on the use we make of things. Author Unknown
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And may you experience the blessing that life has to offer when you find the good in every situation. Catherine Pulsifer, Count Those Blessings
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The other pot is full at all times with good thoughts, positive attitude, a helping hand, and able to negotiate through any challenges. It is the pot of good will that attracts friends and those who need a little helping hand. Byron Pulsifer, The Two Pots We Have
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Your smile lights my way through life, and keeps me warm inside. It reminds me that people are good, especially when their snide. Julie Hebert, Your Smile
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A good word extinguishes more than a pail full of water. Spanish Proverb
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God has a way of bringing out the good in every situation. Sometimes we don't see it until we have come through it and are on the side of victory. Irene Bryant, Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity
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Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students. Charles Kuralt
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Good customer management comes from good customer measurement. Jeff Sauro, Customer Analytics For Dummies
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The other piece of good news is that there's a simple formula that works to effectively teach someone just about anything and this is it: short, repeated, direct lessons, followed by modeling and the chance to try, make mistakes, and try again, all bookended with check-ins and gentle reminders. Galit Breen, Kindness Wins
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So often we have a good idea but we don't take action. Or, we are discouraged at the challenges that face us. We give up far too easily, we don't persevere. Catherine Pulsifer, from How I Made My Millions
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Take a good look at your failure, and then say with gritty determination, Youre not going to keep me down! I may be defeated, but Im not giving up!" Carl Sommer, Teen Success in Career and Life Skills
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