Holiday Harmony

Holiday Harmony

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It is always interesting to go away from your own environment for a holiday and such was the case within the last week.

Our Holiday
The holiday took us to the tropical island of Jamaica at a resort on Negril. This was a resort that was located a two hour drive from the airport taking us through small towns and countryside.

The weather was delightful with bright sun and very warm temperatures. When we finally arrived, it was very late in the afternoon and we were very tired from a long day traveling and still wearing our winter clothes minus our big coats. And, to add to our growing discomfort was the seemingly disorganized reception and the confusion about our baggage and who would go where along with more forms to fill out.

Over the next five days, we enjoyed many aspects of the warm temperatures and the beautiful ocean waves at our doorstep. Most people may have been absolutely happy to be away from the winter winds basking in warm weather, bright sun, and all the activities organized for guests. The staff while helpful and polite seemed to be operating at a very different tempo than we were used to. They all seemed to be in harmony with their own values one of which was ‘no hurry, no worry‘. But, we seemed to be completely out of step with this philosophy.

Choices To Make
In life, harmony within is one thing that keeps a person grounded and satisfied with who they are. If you feel out of step, it is trying and difficult each and every day. Part of harmony is knowing what makes you happy, knowing what it is that means a full and wholesome life. If there is no harmony, there are several choices to make, or you can continue to stay in the same rut.

One of the choices to consider is to make simple changes one at a time instead of attempting to make changes all at once. The step-by-step approach is more reasonable and manageable and it will not seem overwhelming.

Each step should be planned so that one knows exactly what is to be changed, how it is to be changed, and the necessary preparation so that the step taken is able to be accomplished. You do not need to make every step a big one either. The real secret is to make progress, any progress leading to a much better life and a life that will put you in a harmonious relationship with your inner feelings and desires.

The real fault that lies within one’s being for a lot of people is that stamina necessary to keep going over a period of time. Not all goals can be accomplished without the perseverance that takes you forward over a significant amount of time. To be in harmony here means that you can see the future unfolding in a bright new way and it is this sight that keeps you steadfast in your pursuit of your goal. The harmony you must have within you is also one that takes pleasure in the journey towards your goal for it part and parcel of enjoying the journey that keeps you moving along the right road.

Consider This
Now, one of the things that you may seriously want to consider along your journey is to establish a relationship with a strong mentor. This is a special person in your life and one who has the ability to provide a certain level of guidance when you find that you hit a snag along the way. This person knows what it takes to move ahead in life, a person who has been down the road of success in one form or another, and a person who knows what it takes to persevere when times are less than ideal.

Make harmony a goal not a wish – put each step into motion one little piece at a time.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“In addition to writing down my goals for the day, I try to keep track of what I accomplished or learned. Taking a minute to reflect on how you did will help you determine if you need to adjust your plans or change something in your daily routine.”Andrew Tye

“The problem with the concept of change is that as human beings, we live in and embrace comfort zones.” Steven Rosenthal,

“Many people on this planet dream of going out there into the world and making great changes.”Joseph Fisher

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