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I have often wondered what aliens would think about us, and the earth we live on if they were to look down on us. What would their prominent observations be?

Upset In This World
One of the first things they would observe is that the planet has undergone a major shift in weather patterns across the globe bringing with it unsettled weather and extreme patterns in some areas.

Another thing they would notice is that there are pockets of war with clashes amongst its own people, areas where people are dying from starvation, and areas where the land has been ravaged by terrible earthquakes.

But, Also Harmony
But, one of the other items they would find of note is that there is harmony within certain pockets of the earth where people are supportive and encouraging where it is common to give of one’s help and time when needed.

People’s Successes
There are other things they could observe if they spent the time and one of these is that some people take life very serious by striving towards their goals with a great amount of dedication, perseverance and the wherewithal to make failures their best lessons on the road to success.

Even more time spent in observation would reveal that dreams are quite different than wishes. They would note that millions of people no matter where they live have the capacity to wish for a lot of different things including freedom, more money, better working conditions, a more superior job or a bigger house.

And, they would note that there are thousands of people who also have dreams but these dreams are propelled into action through careful planning and the consistent taking of action to move towards the accomplishment of the dream.

They would also observe that there are thousands of people who have had dreams, started out with . . . . .

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