Are There Keys To A Happy Life

Are There Keys To A Happy Life

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There are keys to happiness and the good news is that you already have them, and if you don’t think you do.

A Few Keys To A Happy Life:
– Live for who you are what you have. Forget about trying to keep up with neighbors or friends who display new toys and bigger houses.

– Overnight success does not happen instantly. Remember that each step along the way must proceed in order and in its right time.

– Your arrival at work should include a warm smile and a bright hello to everyone you meet.

– Take every opportunity to tell people you care about that you love them.

– Do not be one of those types of people who relish in dashing other’s people’s dreams to the ground. Support real life plans of others with encouragement.

– Stand out from the crowd by complementing at least two people for the good work they are doing.

– Sit quietly and watch either a sunrise or sunset.

– Treat other people as you wish to be treated. No one wants to be degraded or scorned and neither do you.

– Play a lasting compliment to those you meet by always remembering their name.

– Never give up on people who are really trying to make a positive change in their behaviors or attitudes.

– Kindness can make someone days a lot brighter so be kinder than you have ever been.

– If you promise to do something whether at work or home, make sure you do what you promised. Nothing can destroy a relationship faster than forgetting to keep a promise.

– Just like an environmental commercial, leave everything a lot better than you found it.

– If you want to wish for something make the wish for more wisdom and understanding.

– Remember that the ones who succeed in life are those who do what others will not.

– Everyone needs appreciation to be valued and this creed works both ways.

Positive Change
You may be a very strong person in that you have very specific and strong opinions about a number of issues and concerns but if you do not use your personal power to initiate positive change, you are as much part of the problem as the problem itself.

Another Key
Another key to a happy life is to never fuel your being by laboring bitterness towards other people in any way shape of form. Bitterness does not forebode well for a happy person because bitterness eats away at one’s spirit and tends to make this person unable to really extend love and compassion. The holding of resentment internally causes deep mental stress where this can lead to conditioning one to feel despair, or unease with their own psychic inner spirit.

The other aspect to being happy is to challenge yourself each day to see who you can help, or bring a smile to their face, or to assist in some little way. Assistance does not have to be a big deal, it just has to be a help for someone who needs your spiritual strength, your inner strength, and you ability to see the positive in all things no matter what first appears as terrible, disheartening or sorrowful.

Happiness Also Means
Happiness also means the inner ability to look at each obstacle in life as a steeping stone and not as an excuse to quit. The person who sees obstacles as a mere stepping stone realizes that only the weak cannot see past it, or move past it. Happiness is the evolution within you that understands that part of being truly happy means a complete control of your own abilities and passion for life that sees no obstacles but only possibilities.

Now, take a few minutes and add your own keys to happiness. I am sure your list will grow and grow.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Attaining happiness is a continuing journey, and it is well worth the rewards.” Michael Ruderman

“Most of us look outside of ourselves for happiness. This is a futile pursuit. Striving towards any external goal, while noble if done with pure intention, will never be the cause of happiness.” Cat O’Connor

“Happiness is wanting what you have, not having what you want, and this mentality of focusing on the positive will propel you onto a path of incredible growth and fulfillment.”Meredith Lane

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