Inspirational Thoughts Page 2

Inspirational Thoughts Page 2

Motivational Words in Front of You – A simple but yet effective thing to do.

The Little Steps -A suggestion that will add a positive thought to your day, everyday!

Worry The Web of Defeat – much has been written about the vast amount of issues facing each person.

Ezoic Review From A Personal Perspective – how determination and perseverance paid off

Positive Inspirational Note – A special note that I would like to share

One Percent Angel – Positive thoughts on continuous improvement.

Don’t Let Go Of… – Do You have Determination and Belief in Your Dreams?

The World Is Our Classroom – about sharing the wisdom you have learned.

Positive Music – An Inspirational Person who Has Influence My Life

Teams Beyond Yesterday’s Needs – What We Learned on Team Based Environment

“Sometimes asking for help and consulting others can make your life all easier.”Monica Bell

See The Positive In All Situations – when all seems to be doom and gloom, there are still positive possibilities

Father Defined – What does a father look like, what does he do.

What Do You Feed Your Mind – what have you fed your mind with in the last month?

Love Giving Love Growing – expressions of love

Everything Going Against You – we have all had days like this

Forever Young – thoughts dedicated to all children as they leave home

Focus A Direction -put all of your energy into achieving what it is you desire

Facing Challenges – The difference is in how we deal with challenges.

One Secret of Happiness – happiness is made up of many different things

One Secret of Success – are there secrets to success

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.” Richard Bach

Your Destiny– Don’t leave your destiny up to someone else.

Happiness and Perceptions– The way we perceive our problems, perceive being the key word, and the importance we give to them, determines how we will deal with them and determines our happiness. Why, because . . .

A Riddle – What can’t money buy? Once it is gone you can’t reclaim it. You have to use it now. We all receive the same amount each day.

You Can Make A Difference– how one person made a difference

Many Blessings-Do you focus on the negative or the positive?

Busy but No Accomplishments – Ideas on accomplishing more

Self-Confidence: Believe In Yourself Ponderings on self-confidence

Are Your Blessings Visible – Why is it that we are always complaining? Are we responsible for our complaints, or do we complain because we have a valid reason to do so?

Uplifting Troubles – Who would dare say that troubles can be uplifting? Does anyone who says this really in touch with reality? Let’s examine troubles and see if we can prove that troubles can be positive.

My Best Friend – There are some really good friends out there and I am fortunate enough to have one.. . .
Obstacles: Our Best Motivatorsobstacles are not insurmountable barriers unless you believe they are

Take Action; Don’t Procrastinate – one thing is for sure – if we do nothing, we get nothing

Influential Power– the influence you have and how it can effect others.

Beavers: What They Can Teach Us– Our impression of a beaver and what they can teach us.

We Never Seem to Have Enough Time– Quite frankly, I don’t think “time” is the problem.

“As you change your life, you’ll inspire others. As others are touched in a positive way, they’ll affect even more people.” Amy Pattee Colvin

Christmas Messages – It is our hope that our messages are ones that you can use when writing your Xmas cards, letters or emails to the people in your life.

Positive Thoughts of Others – Quotes and thoughts to encourage you; positive opinions on different topics

Behavoir A Legacy – leaving a legacy that has more impact than money?

Difficulties Provide Growth – Just maybe, there is something to be learned about digesting the experience of others to put your own trials and tribulations into perspective; a perspective that encourages rather than deflates.

Encouraging Life – We can all live this type of life

The Birth Of Ideas – a great way to generate new ideas

Old To New Plan – use your experience to help others

“Since ancient times the great thinkers have had a special place in the consciences of individuals by inspiring their behavior and actions both public or private.” Francisco Barros

Inspiration From Age – an example of inspiration

Pass It On – Is this only theory or can it happen

Time Will Continue To Tick By – offering an opinion on time.

Optimistic Thinking – there are always two ways to look at things

The Dogged Teacher – lessons to be learned

Birthday Wishes For A Best Friend – What could one possibly send as birthday wishes for a best friend?

Using Time Wisely A Secret – The aspect of using time wisely has been the best kept secret from those who squander this one-time resource for many, many years.

Success Defined– a definition with a few twists

Quality of Life – what is this to you

Attitude Determines Everything-this can change your life

“Inspiration and enthusiasm can drive us to do huge, amazing things.” Matthew Oleniuk

A Gift of Value– We can all afford to give this gift

Good Luck On Your Test– Good luck on your test is an often heard wish extended to many students. The interesting and vital point to understand, however, is that luck has nothing to do with how well a person performs on a test.

Living The Dream – Living the dream to many millions of people around the world has a variety of meanings. The meaning of living the dream, however, first needs to begin at the beginning and not at the end. So, what does starting at the beginning of living the dream mean rather than beginning at the end?

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