Is There An Art To Happiness

Is There An Art To Happiness

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At first blush, you may wonder why happiness is an art. Well, the first thing to consider is that which is well known to all artists. And, that is that any art form is one that is developed by the person alone; it is not something that can be copied.

Oh sure, you can copy a painting but that is not the same as developing your own particular style and how you use you brush, what you depict in your paintings, or what color combinations you use.

You Take Responsibility
The art of happiness is much the same as applying paint to a canvas. The commonality to painting is that you must hold the brush, you must take responsibility for what is painted, you must be in control, and you must love what you do. You are in absolute command of what happiness is because no one else can make you happy unless it comes from within.

If you ask a lot of people whether they are happy or not, you might be surprised by the answers you get. Some will tell you that they are happy but are the ones who find that everything they confront or see or hear always seems to be negative.

Some would tell you they are happy but hate their job or want more but do not take any action to change anything in their life. A lot of people seem to think that being happy means that they have all the money they need to buy what they want, got on endless vacations, or to spend time doing what they want and with whom they want.

Happiness is not about having wealth, or about having everything you could possibility buy. Happiness is more about a state of mind.

A State of Mind
A state of mind is what you think and how that translates into beliefs, attitudes and behavior. The art of happiness comes from within and is something that you own completely, something that you mold all by yourself, and it is something that you always look for in everything you do. It means that simple acts, simple pleasures, true friends, a smile, a babies laugh, a challenge that tests your skills and perseverance all contribute to the inner serenity.

If you are struggling to be happy, then you must develop mechanisms that can help lead you down this path. This means that within your life, there are things that probably make you happy but you are not categorizing them as creating happiness for you because they may be commonplace, or, in other words, there are things you do on a daily or weekly basis but never give much thought to but nevertheless enjoy.

For example, it could be something as simple as taking the time at home on a Saturday afternoon to bake a special cake, or a pie, or to make that supper dish that you know everyone will praise you for. Maybe it is as simple as the pleasure you get from having friends over for a few drinks on the weekend, or going to your bowling league every Tuesday evening.

Is The Grass Greener
There are simple and little pleasures through one’s life that are often ignored for a vision of a greater and more interesting life. You may be guilty of thinking that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence without really understanding that in each life there are thorns as well as roses.

One last thought: you own and are responsible for your own happiness; you cannot buy it, rent it, steal it, or fake it. It is an art form that you love and would always preserve it, share its joy, and assist others to join you down this pathway of a happy life.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“If you can feel good in your own skin . . . by yourself . . . then you’ll be happy with yourself and will interact with others better.” Christian Olsen

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”Denis Waitley

“A little surplus of happiness makes us forget the cries of pain and we go on living instead of moving on for the sake of life.”A.S. Freeman

“And it is your attitude, not your achievements, that gives you happiness and is contagious in its positive impact on others.” John Maxwell

“Respect for others has become deep-seated in me, particularly if they are in a position to affect my life in some way. Give the same respect that you would like to receive in return. Carolyn Denise Owens

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