Living Life Like Money Page 2

Living Life Like Money Page 2

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Unfortunately, these types of people did not learn the most valuable lesson there is and that is failures are your best teacher.

The point is to learn from mistakes, take out what was done right,and then incorporate that planning and thinking into the next business. I always recount the story of a friend of mine who started a small pre-cooked meal business hoping to move away from their current job that they loathed.

When this business did not produce the results he wanted, he just plain and simple gave up trying or even thinking of another business he could start that would move him to where he wanted to be. Would you say that this person devalued their ability to succeed?

Seeing Beyond The Present
On the other hand, I have a friend who started out in a small way in the craft business and took their crafts to a local farmers’ market. And, while the first year did not produce a huge profit barely covering costs, they kept at it learning from mistakes and moving forward with better products and more of them.

This friend also wanted to move beyond working for someone else and learned that determination and the stick to it strategy paid off even though times were tough. In this case, this friend valued themselves and their ability and saw beyond their current situation even though success came only in very small increments.

To date, this friend has left their minimum wage job and is a full-time crafter selling products across the province.

Real Value Established Through Living To The Fullest
The value is in the person; the value is in the quest to move beyond that which comes easy; the value is who they are through hard times; the value is also who you become having surpassed ones own expectations. Do you want to be more like money?

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” Japanese Proverb

“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.” Dale Carnegie

“A failure is a man who has blundered, but is not able to cash in the experience.” Elbert Hubbard

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