Living Life Like Money

Living Life Like Money

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You probably wonder what living life like money relates to don’t you? It is not about having a significant amount of money, and it isn’t about having a great big bank account either so you can do whatever you want.

Value Beyond Crumpled And Wrinkled
Instead, life is like money because, barring destroying it with fire, it always has value no matter how crumpled it is, used, or if it is stained with coffee or magic marker or crayons used by a child thinking it is something to draw on.

Life is something like money in that you still have value no matter how many times you have been down trodden, or how often you have failed in your attempts to excel at a certain sport, or how many times you have failed to succeed in starting a successful business.

Who You Are Matters More
The bright spot here is that your value does not come from what you have or what you own or how many estates you have around the world or any of these materialistic things. Your value is who you are not what your wealth.

Value Behind Bars
I often saw this value in people who ended up behind bars when I worked in the correctional system as a classification officer, something like a social worker but not really. To me, it didn’t matter what criminal activity brought you to prison but it was more about the value of the person within.

For a lot of prisoners, even when they were released, they wore the stigma of being a convict for the rest of their life because they saw no value in themselves.

Failure Does Not Diminish Value
Many people who have failed often devalue themselves thinking that their failure demonstrated that they should never think of having more than they have had in the past.

Unfortunately, these types of people did not . . . Read the rest of Living Life Like Money Page 2

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