Love Giving Love Growing

Love Giving Love Growing

Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2017

I’m sure you are more than familiar with many of expressions of love. Some of these expressions are well known including those that show love for small children or love shown to spouses, other extended family members or love given to dedicated volunteerism for worthy causes. But, did you know that love extended outward also grows your love but does not lessen it over time?

Love Giving The First Step
In matters of love, it can be argued that for love to be given you must have love within. In essence, this argument is contrary to the notion that everyone is capable of extending love and does not need to first possess it. This possession of love means that during your lifetime you will have experienced the love of others and that, therefore, you can give it to others because you know what it is and how it feels. However, we also know that the first several years of one’s life represents the building blocks of what falls later in life. This means that if one has not experienced love, demonstrated by parents or other family members throughout their formative years, than love has not been developed as a core of one’s being.

To love, to show compassion, and to show a caring attitude is not a small priority. All of these represent a moral duty; a duty that if shunned or neglected is casting one’s offspring to the ways that are least rewarding throughout life. Without these building blocks of character, attitude and demeanour, one is left to find their way amongst many less than desirable traits that can prevail without challenge. To challenge that which is not good and right first must entail knowing the difference. Without the proper guidance and the right modeling of behavior, a child does not know when to turn away from that which can ultimately harm them and those around them.

Love Growing The Second Step
In the midst of life, there are various issues, problems and challenges that face us all. Some people experience not but one of these challenges but many. It can be easily stated that throughout a lifetime, one does not simply have to contend with a singular issue or problem or obstacle. It is, instead, a continuous journey through perilous roads with stopovers where one can rest and recuperate. The real benefit of having experienced everything that love means at early points in life bodes well for those times when issues rear their thorny heads.

It is at these times when we draw down into our well of love not only so that we can find solutions or withstand the assaults that come but, more so, that we can help those around us through whatever the problem or obstacle or challenge is. It is this base in love that gives us the strength not only to meet our issues or problems head on but to move through and beyond them. It is also with this inner strength based on love that sees us more than able to give away some of our stored love so that another may be strengthened.

Oddly enough, it is the act of giving love that restores our own well of love. This means that by extension, the love we show for others in their time of need comes back to us much more strongly than before. The reason is more obvious than we might first imagine. Before you can receive love you must first learn to share your own. To give seems to most to be of the greatest pleasure and gift. The act of giving, showing compassion or caring for those in need does not have to be a selfish act. In other words, one does not expect anything in return. This kind of demonstration is at the heart of a true act of giving; an act of love or compassion deeply engrained in the psychic makeup of the individual. And, if you were to ask them if they had a love encircled youth, they would probably answer in the affirmative.

Love, Compassion, Caring
There are many aspects that comprise the notion of love and, as previously alluded to; these are the attributes of compassion and caring. These forms of love need not only be confined to one’s family but, by extension to those around them. This occurs with frequency but only when one is truly a person so equipped. If you are not equipped with those underlying feelings of love and compassion, you can still develop them. It doesn’t mean that even if you are somewhat denied these through one’s experience in the past that you cannot grow them. This act of growth means that you go out of your way to show compassion and caring every day in some way or another. This demonstration, even though it may feel awkward in the beginning, is as easy as offering to help a colleague or friend who is having difficulties or who could use a helping hand to complete a task that they either find difficult or may have simply run out of time in order to complete. It can be engaged by a simple smile, a good morning hello, holding the door for a person, helping a person carry a heavy object to their car in a parking lot, or offering to help a buddy with a home renovation or project.

Societal Benefits
Within the small unit of the family rests the inner description of what a society can look like. The family unit is made up of various individuals who each have similar goals and those goals are the preservation of the family unit and its overall well-being. A family unit cannot survive unless it helps each person, teaches each person either directly or vicariously, and protects each member recognizing their inherent value to the rest. A society is not much different. Think of how you would structure, teach, and model the behavior you wanted from each family if you were in charge of a village of only five families. If the village was to survive and prosper, what would you want the family members to be like? Well, if fact, if you are the head of a family with children, you are in essence the director of how you will fit in to the larger society.

In conclusion, love is the primary impetus for growth both within and beyond. It is what makes a village prosper, it’s what makes a city whole, and it’s what makes a nation to be envied and copied. Where do you fit in? How do you manifest love in your own life?

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:

And when the home is filled with love you’ll always find God spoken of Helen Steiner Rice

Show and tell your child how much you love them and they will love you back in return. David Bishopson, How to Discipline a Child

We have to love our neighbours, and to do good to all. Our actions are to be geared towards people, not structures; relieving needs, not removing causes; showing compassion, not pushing for reform. Brian Johnston, Exploring Issues of Life

If you want love then show love. If you want encouragement then encourage others. You will attract what you give and it will compound as you continually apply it in your life. David Khalil, Principle 7: The Power of Giving (When All Else Fails, Succeed!)

If you have trouble relating with one of your children, you must work hard to continually speak and show love in a way that connects with that child. Mark J. Musser, Lessons on Parenting: What Parents in the Bible Can Teach Parents Today

However, just because you have different views than someone else does not mean that they do not deserve love and kindness. Jason Scotts, Train Your Brain & Mental Strength

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