Maybe It Wasn’t Meant To Be

Maybe It Wasn’t Meant To Be

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The plans were to sell my truck. It wasn’t that it was really causing me a problem; it was more that it was really getting old and the miles had piled up to the point where one could normally expect to start spending a lot of money for repairs. So, I started to look around to see what other vehicles were available. I wasn’t convinced that I needed a new truck, just a newer truck.

First Checked Websites
Before I ventured forth to find just the right truck, I spent a few hours combing various car dealership websites. I looked at both new and used vehicles but ended up concentrating on used vehicles that were only a couple of years old with few miles. I found several used trucks that seemed to fit the bill, so I made my calls to the dealership and made appointments to see the used trucks.

Off I Went
Off I went with my newly cleaned and washed truck ready to make a deal. I visited several dealerships in my near by city, and started to talk to a couple of salespeople were I had made an appointment. I narrowed my selection down to one truck and then got into serious discussions. I was asked if I wanted to trade my truck in, a normal question, and I said ‘yes’. The used car sales manger took my vehicle for a test drive and gave it a through examination. After an hour, the salesperson returned with their trade offer.

The Dealers Offers
Well, the offer came in so low that I was shocked. I knew the vehicle worth on the private market so I had assumed that any dealership offer would come close. Boy, was I mistaken. I could not accept their offer and told them I would have to decline any deal. I do not give up easily, so I decided to visit a couple of more dealerships in the area even though I had no appointment.

Again, I was fortunate enough to find another good used truck and entered into negotiations. It started to reach the point that I was sure I had a good deal until my vehicle was appraised. The offer came back even less than the other dealership. Well, off I went again with no deal but a desire to make one.

My Last Attempt
So, as a last resort, I tried to . . . . .

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