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Jacquie McTaggart retired after 42 years of teaching. But, her love of teaching and her love of children continued in a different form. She wrote the book, "From the Teacher's Desk", to share her insight, and her knowledge.

We have reviewed her book, From The Teacher's Desk, and would definitely recommend it! To quote from the acknowledgements in the book, Jacquie writes, "more than 1500 students showed me when to talk and when to listen. They taught me how to imagine, and how to dream. They gave me wonderful memories, and left footprints on my heart. The parents of those 1500 kids entrusted me with their prized possessions and they extended their hands to me in cooperation, assistance, and yes - friendship. My students and their parents ultimately gave me a wonderful gift. They provided me with the experiences and gave me the incentive to write this book."

"From birth on, talk to and with your child as much as possible."
Jacquie McTaggart
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"Good manners encompass all the things that make the people around us feel good."
Jacquie McTaggart
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Listen to your little one. Show interest in what he is trying to communicate. Jacquie McTaggar
"Listen to your little one. Show interest in what he is trying to communicate."
Jacquie McTaggart
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"Parents must therefore 'practice what they preach' if they want the value of good manners to become a part of the child’s moral fiber. And they should begin this process when the child is very young. Politeness and good manners open the door to a successful and happy adult life.
Jacquie McTaggart
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"You are your child's first teacher, and quite possibly his most influential teacher. When your child see you reading of a somewhat regular basis, he comes to realize that reading is more than an isolated subject taught in the classroom and graded by a teacher. He eventually internalizes the fact that reading is a requisite for a complete and fulfilling life."
Jacquie McTaggart
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"Every child wants to demonstrate his accomplishments to the most important people in his life. He is certainly not consciously aware of any "motive", but he has one. He is seeking an affirmation of his worth. He wants to hear that he is special and to be told once again that his parents are very proud of him."
Jacquie McTaggart
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"Good manners like most values, must be demonstrated and lived in the home if they are to become a permanent part of the child's character."
Jacquie McTaggart
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"We must not fool ourselves into thinking we can replace valuable childhood activities with computer games. There is no software on the market that can offer the same advantages as a picnic in the park, a library card, a visit to the zoo, or a family-shared board game."
Jacquie McTaggart
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never refuse to re-read a book if your child requests it - and he will. Jacquie McTaggart
"And finally, never refuse to re-read a book if your child requests it - and he will."
Jacquie McTaggart
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"When your rhyme-conscious child reaches kindergarten and learns how to read the word 'red", he will almost automatically know how to read bed, fed, Ted, etc."
Jacquie McTaggart
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Never miss an opportunity to count things and if possible, touch everything as you count it. (This procedure is much more valuable than simply reciting the numbers from one to ten)
Jacquie McTaggart
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"You, the parent, are your child's first teacher and his best teacher. It's an awesome responsibility, but one that brings immeasurable rewards."
Jacquie McTaggart
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"All kids develop at different rates and at different stages."
Jacquie McTaggart
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