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"Just as a house needs a foundation in order to stand firm, so does a person."
Jacquie McTaggart

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All human beings react positively to praise. Jacquie McTaggart
"All human beings react positively to praise."

Jacquie McTaggart

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"Mom needs to remember that honey catches more flies than vinegar does."

Jacquie McTaggart

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"Your child will be better prepared to tackle the bumps on the road of life if he has been given the gift of guided independence."

Jacquie McTaggart

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"And above all else, look for something in your child's work to praise - EVERY SINGLE DAY."

Jacquie McTaggart

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Kids model what they see more quickly and more effectively than what they hear. Jacquie McTaggart
"Kids model what they see more quickly and more effectively than what they hear."

Jacquie McTaggart

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"For as long as you live, your child is going to need your guidance and your direction."

Jacquie McTaggart

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"We are partners by fate. We become friends by choice."

Jacquie McTaggart

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"Kids are happier, more relaxed, more creative and less stressed when scheduled activities are limited."

Jacquie McTaggart

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"Anytime you attempt to change a longstanding behavior, you may initially see a worsening of the behavior being targeted."

Jacquie McTaggart

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Kids react positively when praise follows positive effort and earned progress. Jacquie McTaggart
"Kids react positively when praise follows positive effort and earned progress."

Jacquie McTaggart

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"To become emotionally mature, children must learn from failure and face the consequences of their poor choices. As parents, we must develop the courage to let it happen."

Jacquie McTaggart

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"Have realistic goals. It is extremely important that you understand what your child is capable of and expect his work to be consistent with his capabilities."

Jacquie McTaggart

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A child learns to love (or hate) school in kindergarten and first grade. During that time he forms attitudes about his own value as a person and his worth as a learner. Those attitudes will accompany him all the way through school and into adulthood.

Jacquie McTaggart

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An adult's unsuccessful attempt to teach a child something that appears exceptionally simple is extremely frustrating. If mom begins to feel her tolerance level has reached the breaking point, she should stop the session - immediately. She might simply say that she is tired (no life), and suggest they work on it another time.

Jacquie McTaggart

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