Motivational Poems Page 5

Motivational Poems Page 5

I Wish
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

I wish I may, I wish I might,
For something good to come in sight.
I wish to see my shinning star,
And maybe it will come tonight.

And with that star I plan to wish,
For all I love to come to me.
My hopes anddreams I will soon see,
All that’s needed is to wish for thee.

This is how I use to think,
Before I realized wishing is like a wink.
When you wink you hope to show,
But never really are able to know.

Wishing won’t make your dreams come true,
That is only something you can do.
If you want something to happen,
It’s you who’ll have to do the snapping.

So if you’re going to make a wish,
On a night a star will fish.
Make a wish for strength and courage,
At least this will be something to encourage.

Wishing is all fine and dandy,
As long as you don’t make it handy.
Wishing is for you to dream,
If you want success, you’re better to scheme.

The Oceans Shore
By Cookie

As I walk along the oceans shore
The feeling of peace, longing for more
As I sit upon soft wet sand
The gentle waves, touch my hand
This Aura of wonder and tranquility
Stretching as far as my eyes can see
Watching the reflections move with the flow.

Feeling the comfort, of its inner glow
Oh how I wish, this feeling would stay
As I know I must walk away
Wish I could leave all the hurt, pain and tears
Behind me along, with all my fears
Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could leave on that shore
Feelings that keep in our hearts, ever more
If I wrote them in the sand, would they be swept away?

By the waves crashing in, Gone on their way
Leaving us free, of DOUBTS and DESPAIR
The ocean will handle them, then we won’t care
The ocean can be such a beautiful place
As our minds wonder in and out of space.

I think that I already know
We reap whatever we did sow
I will keep looking, forever more
But not what I wrote,on that OCEANS SHORE.

The Life I Always Wanted
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2016

When I was a child, I dream’t what I wanted,
When I grew up and became a woman.
I wanted prince charming, and three little darlings,
And living in a beautiful home was my plan.

I wanted to be happy and be miss snappy,
With everything that needed done.
My name was not super, but I’d be a trooper,
And make sure my family had ton.
Now that I’m grown, I realize how prone,
Children are to think of things that are absurd.
Dreams are wonderful, but sometimes horrific,
When we sit back and realize it’s blurred.

Now I can’t complain, I’m living my rein,
I have my prince charming and one darling.
I hope to have more, within time to adore,
My dreams I have only just started.

My Story
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2017

My story is not unlike any others,
The bases are the same here.
I’ve had ups and downs like any other,
I’ve had things I love disappear.

I’ve made mistakes like any other.
And from them I’ve learned many things.
In life there are no for sure reasons,
You must learn to fly once you get wings.

But just because my story,
Isn’t as unique as I’d yearned.
That doesn’t mean I’m not worthily,
I’ve gotten what I have earned.

If you want your life to be fulfilling,
You have to believe in yourself.
Put yourself out there and be thrilling,
Never be someone else!

“I Wish” And “I Will”
Poet: Nixon Waterman

“I Wish” and “I Will,” so my grandmother says,
Were two little boys in the long, long ago,
And “I Wish” used to sigh while “I Will” used to try
For the things he desired, at least that’s what my
Grandma tells me, and she ought to know.

“I Wish” was so weak, so my grandmother says,
That he longed to have someone to help him about,
And while he’d stand still and look up at the hill
And sigh to be there to go coasting, “I Will”
Would glide past him with many a shout.

They grew to be men, so my grandmother says,
And all that “I Wish” ever did was to dream–
To dream, and to sigh that life’s hill was so high,
While “I Will” went to work and soon learned, if we try,
Hills are never so steep as they seem.

“I Wish” lived in want, so my grandmother says,
But “I Will” had enough and a portion to spare:
Whatever he thought was worth winning he sought
With an earnest and patient endeavor that brought
Of blessings a bountiful share.

And whenever my grandma hears any one “wish,”
A method she seeks, in his mind to instill,
For increasing his joys, and she straightway employs
The lesson she learned from the two little boys
Whose names were “I Wish” and “I Will.”

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