My Brother-In-Laws Shark

My Brother-In-Laws Shark

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We had an opportunity to go on a holiday recently to join my brother-in-law, his wife and son at a condo in Florida. This was going to be an action packed holiday knowing my brother-in-law because he told me that there would be a new adventure everyday with travelling here and there to see the sites and enjoy the great weather. The good thing too was that the condo was close to the airport and apparently only a ten-minute ride away.

A Long Ten-Minute Ride
The first thing we noticed when we arrived and were picked up at the airport at five o’clock in the afternoon was that my brother-in-law is geographically challenged. We finally arrived at the condo at eight-thirty – some ten-minute ride that was and the rest of the holiday just got even better each day.

Funniest Time
But, the absolutely funniest, stomach hurting laughing event occurred on a warm afternoon at the heated condo pool. You need to know my brother-in-law to partly appreciate this hilarious event and what I will tell you is that he is a big man, over 6 feet tall and carrying a bit of excess weight.

There weren’t many people around the pool except for my brother-in-law, his wife, son, and Catherine and I and a few older couples. Catherine and I aren’t really pool goers so we were sitting by the pool with book in hand enjoying one of the few warm days that week.

My brother-in-law isn’t one to sit around for long, so he decided to go for a dip in the pool. Then, it struck me.

The evening before, we had all walked over to the little condo store to replenish some milk and a few goodies when I had spotted a huge blow up shark tied to a string hanging from the ceiling. This shark was about eight feet long and approximately three feet at the widest spot and about three feet high.

I told my brother-in-law that I would be back in a few minutes because I was going to the store. I almost ran to the store intent on securing this big shark. The store clerk climbed up his ladder to cut the string off, and was good enough to inflate the shark to the maximum for me with his portable electric air pump. I paid the clerk and quickly walked out of the store with this huge shark in toe – it was too big too carry.

The Shark Attacks
I quietly snuck up to the pool behind some large potted plants and when my brother-in-law wasn’t looking, I . . . . . .

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