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I quietly snuck up to the pool behind some large potted plants and when my brother-in-law wasn’t looking, I threw it up in the air and into the pool to come to rest a few feet from him. Then, the fun began.

I teased him into action by saying that he couldn’t get up on top the shark and sit on it without falling off. Not to be out done in any way, he was off to conquer the shark in one swoop of his less than aquatic form.

For his first attempt, he tried mounting the shark from the side but every time he tried, he slipped back into the water.

For his immediate second attempt he quickly floated the shark to the side of the pool, climbed up on the side and jumped headlong onto the back of the shark.

Wow – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tsunami in a pool before. Did I mention that the pool was only four feet deep, so I was hoping the pool attendants didn’t mind filling it up later.

Did I mention that every attempt thereafter was done in rapid succession without any better success and even greater dunking and gurgles of water emanating from nose and mouth?

I couldn’t take it any more, my sides were splitting, and tears were in my eyes from laughing so hard. I turned to his son and begged him to show his Dad how to do it.

With the calm demeanour that only a young teenager can demonstrate, he climbed into the water, stood back for a moment and surveyed the shark, its length, and height and then with one continuous smooth motion, easily mounted the shark and sat there nonchalantly with a look that bespoke a conquering hero.

So, What Is The Real Message Here?
While it was great fun to watch the comic effort of my brother-in-law, it was even more revealing to watch how my nephew conquered this shark.

So, what did he do different that lead to success?

His success actually was quite simple but even more powerful than first assumed. What he did was to step back long enough to devise a plan and with a firm goal in his mind, he completed the task with minimum effort.

If we all were to take a lesson from my young nephew it would be this:
do not rush head long into a problem or task without at first having a goal firmly set in your mind coupled with a concrete plan of action and the follow through necessary to get the job done.

For far too many people, there is no goal and even if there is, they are sure of failure over and over again because there is no concrete action plan and this plan is not followed through to the end without hesitation or excuses.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“You, too, can determine what you want. You can decide on your major objectives, targets, aims and destination.” W. Clement Stone

“It takes a person with a mission to succeed.” Clarence Thomas

“Humor wheels the oil of life and helps to keep it running smoothly.” Dorothea Koplin

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