Passion Quotes Page 2

Passion Quotes Page 2

What do you have a passion for? What has made you want to jump out of bed? Catherine Pulsifer, Love What You Do
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If you are pursuing a dream, but do not find that it incites your passions, draw that task to a close and keep searching until you find something that you can be passionate about. Cary Bergeron, 12 Simple Secrets To Staying Motivated
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Your true passion should feel like breathing: it’s that natural. Oprah Winfrey
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Pack all there is into your life; you only pass this way once! Sit back and think what is it you enjoy. Take courses, read books, find your passion, your ‘wanna do’s’. Catherine Pulsifer, Wanna Do’s
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The most passionate and blind infatuation may contain a portion of genuine love. And genuine love contain several symptoms of infatuation.” Nancy Van Pelt
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If you have ever felt such tremendous enthusiasm and desire for something that you would gladly spend all your waking hours working on it, that you would happily do without pay, then you have found your passion. Sharon Cook, Graciela Sholander
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Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavors. W. Eugene Smith
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Know that there is always more than one road to a destination, and that passion still reigns supreme, regardless of the road chosen. Adam Jacobs, Wealth, Wisdom, Freedom
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May God create in you His servant’s heart, and may you discover your passion and fulfill it. Chris Louer, Pursuing Your Passion
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Being passionate isn’t about finding an activity or thing to tie your passion to, but unlocking it from within you. Susanna Halonen, Screw Finding Your Passion
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Visualization will give you the motivation to succeed; motivation will get you going by fueling your passion, and your intense passion will energize you Maxine Topping
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Living passionately is the opposite of living passively. Marty Cauley, Dying to go on Vacation
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Focus can be found by tuning into your passions. Kelly Stone, Dear Every Kid
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You will be much more successful, if you are not passionate in what you do, or cannot find it with you to be passionate about your current job, either change your attitude or change your job. Catherine Pulsifer, Work Schedule
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Love life, engage in it, give it all you’ve got. Love it with a passion, because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it. Maya Angelou
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Many things catch your fancy but true, lasting, career oriented success can only come if you are willing to combine that passion of choice with hard work and determination. K. Elizabeth, Follow Your Passion
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There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. Nelson Mandela
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Life is always built of relationships with people, and trust is vital to fill friendship, honesty, love and passion in a relationship. Trust is considered the central pillar supporting a relationship, and is compared to the concrete foundation of a house. Kent Pinkerton
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I will protect you and love you and never depart
because my love for you comes from the depth of my Heart. Charlie Mard
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The wisdom of others can ignite your passion, uplift your spirit, and motivate you to reach your full potential. Melissa Eshleman, A Quote a Day to Find Your Way
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Whatever you do, make sure your environment motivates you to change for the better. A place that enriches you with energy and passion. Alex Altman, Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem
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In their time away from work and the hassles of daily life, people tend to display their passions and personal interests. Someone’s hobbies can reveal a lot about their personality. David S. Walton, Influence: The Influence Blueprint
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Well, I can tell you from personal experience that I do not even think about my age; I keep going strong, renovating and such and dancing with the same passion as if I was back in my teenage years. And, by the way, that number right now is over sixty. Byron Pulsifer, The Staying Young Adventure
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When we are engaged in pursuing our passion, we feel better about ourselves and have a more positive view of the world around us. Dennis Houchin, The Passion Principles:
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Use every opportunity in this life to burn brighter and hotter, with so much light, passion and purpose that you find yourself seeking out more and more opportunity to FEEL, to LIVE, to experience life, regardless of the pain you might endure… Cat O’Connor, 30 Days of Inspiration
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If you have a positive outlook in life, you will attract positive and passionate people. Ed Austin, Get Energized And Stay Motivated
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If the sole reason you want to follow your passion is to become rich and famous, then it is not about your passion but about the later two. K. Elizabeth, Follow Your Passion
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There are a host of ideas but few people ever follow through. There are also notable exceptions where a person has an idea, takes that idea, adds a little passion, and with further continued effort, makes the idea a pearl. Byron Pulsifer
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Happiness is an attitude, a passion that you alone own and create – you cannot buy it, rent it, or steal it from another. Byron Pulsifer, What Do You Want
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The joys of retirement can be enjoyed here and now. You can pursue your passions, live your dreams and enjoy life while you are still working. Rand Bennett, Take a Mini-Retirement
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Take passion and determination anywhere you go and we promise you, you’ll go far. Dorothea Jackson, Relationship
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While he (Yanni) did have faith and passion he had many challenges to overcome. It was not an easy ride to success, but his through his faith and a passion he did make it. Catherine Pulsifer, Yanni in Words
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You should enjoy your work, so pursue something you find interesting, and if you work hard at it, it will turn into a passion. Cary Bergeron, 12 Simple Secrets To Staying Motivated
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Avoid engaging in ‘what if’ thinking and lead a life where passion for what you do is real, and where ‘someday’ is never thought of or spoken about. Byron Pulsifer, Key Instructions For Life
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Passion comes when your soul is happy. Domenico Mazza, How to Find Your Passion
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With a strong mind, you can realize most anything. Only you can determine what you desire most or what your deepest passion is in life. Dale L. Roberts, Your Strength, Your Passion and Your Courage
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Anger is the most impotent of passions. It effects nothing it goes about, and hurts the one who is possessed by it more than the one against whom it is directed.” Clarendon
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Follow your passion and dreams, do what you truly love, put aside any nonsense or worries and realize that this moment it is all we’ve got. Frank Arrigazzi, TIP TOP Spiritual Lessons
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In order to live your dream, you must take action. There is never a good time for a lot of things in life but if you wait until the right time, I’m positive it will never come. You either have a passion, a need, a burning desire to live your dream, or you are just talking. Byron Pulsifer, Dreams Are For Living
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When you see your partner enjoying something they are passionate about, it will jog your memory about what you found so appealing in the first place, when you first fell in love. Alexis G. Roldan, Marriage
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We always have been passionate about quotations and the power they have to change attitudes, minds, and lives. Paul Ayoub; Lizzie Ayoub, Inspire Me!
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He (Charles Dickens) passionately sought solutions for such practical issues as public sanitation and relief of want and ignorance; he also pondered death, evil, cruelty, innocence, comfort, pleasure, happiness, and redemption. Jane Smiley, Charles Dickens: A Life
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You cannot conquer Ireland. You cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom, then our children will win by a better deed. Patrick Henry Pearse, Irish Teacher
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Mr. Kroc is one of the rare individuals who possesses both the charisma of an extraordinary leader who is a great salesman and the passion for detail of an able administrator. Paul D. Paganucci, Intro to Grinding It Out
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Mother Teresa did what many successful entrepreneurs with great ideas do – she applied her ethical principles and values to work she was passionate about.Ruma Bose, Mother Teresa, CEO
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By chance and by the choices we make, we leave behind whole other lives we could have lived, full of different passions and joys, different problems and disappointments.
unknown author, Life Touched with Wonder
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One key step for you to live a passion filled life is by you learning to ignore the voices of public opinion.
Anthony E. Jobe, Sr, Discovering the Passion Thieves of Success and Unleashing
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Remember your passions and pursue them.
Elizabeth Weil Bergmann, ‎Elizabeth O. Colton,Connecting to Creativity
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High performing people are often so passionate about what they do that they tend to ignore the warning signs and do not realize when they are working exceptionally long hours, taking on exceedingly heavy work loads, and putting unreasonable pressure on themselves – all of which make them ripe for burnout. Pierre Thompson, My 6 Woes
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He (Vince Lombardi) tried to be other things – he began his career teaching high school physics, chemistry and Latin, in addition to coaching football and basketball – but soon found his true calling lay in exhorting others to greatness on the football field. Vince Lombardi Jr., The Lombardi Rules
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