Poems about Faith

Poems about Faith

Read these poems about faith to encourage you, reminders of how awesome our God is. Verses about belief and our convictions. Be inspired and encouraged.

Privileged Family
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2008

I belong to a privileged family, so much is expected of me.
I’m part of a royal heritage, I’m actually royalty!
Oh, you can’t tell by my appearance, I carry no crown on my head;
No royal robes on my person for functions which I would dread.

In truth, I’m really a servant, a person of lowly esteem,
But through my Mediator, I’m more than what I might seem.
You see, I serve a great Master, the King, Creator of all;
He is the One who has blessed me, He hears me whenever I call.

His love has made me His servant, a title – the child of a King;
Through Jesus I’m heir to salvation, through Christ I can do anything.
Because I work in His power, He guides me each step of the way,
He gives me a longing to serve Him. He walks by my side every day.

One day I’ll be walking in glory with saints who have gone on before,
Till then I’ll go where He sends me, at home or some foreign shore.
My calling from God is, “Be faithful;” my mission in life to be true,
And God will someday reward me for things He’s assigned me to do.

God does not judge you according to the talents of others.
He judges you according to yours. His yardstick for
measuring faithfulness is how faithful you are with your own gifts.

Max Lucado
Faith Quotes

My Wayward Son
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2018

Don’t you feel guilty if your child leaves the light,
If you’ve been teaching him how to live right.
It’s by your example of worship and prayer
In his dark hours you show you still care.

When words that hurt deeply are cast in your face,
The God, whom you love, he’ll no longer embrace;
His very existence is questioned , denied;
The truths that you taught him are all cast aside;

The constant allurement which entices his soul,
Have caused him to doubt and let Satan control.
Remember the words God spoke to your heart,
“He may walk away but I never depart.”

Sometimes the lessons of life must be learned
And in the process God may be spurned,
But God’s Word has never returned to Him void,
No matter what tactics Satan’s employed.

This valley of tears that you walk in today
Is not of despair! God hears your pray.
His arm is not shortened , His will will be done;
God sees the depth of your love for your son.
Cling to your faith, hold fast to the Light;
Give God the reigns that your fears may take flight.

Faith is to believe what we do not see . . .  Augustine
“Faith is to believe what we do not see,
and the reward of this faith is
to see what we believe.”


Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2018

The night, the long, long night hangs on and still I cannot rest;
I long for morning light to come, my heart feels so depressed.
There’s little now that brings me peace, there’s so much discontent;
And all my efforts seem in vain, as if my years were spent.

I had great plans, my hopes were high, my zeal it knew no bounds;
I had the will, the fortitude, as if on holy grounds.
Excitement filled my very being, my heart filled to the brim.
The wonder that God wanted me, that I could work for Him.

I walked on air, I sang for joy, I reveled in the call;
Then I determined in my heart to give the Lord my all.
I had no fear where I’d be sent, I felt that God knew best,
Naively I surrendered all and felt I would be blest.

I had no knowledge of the pain and heartache I’d endure,
I walked in total trust and faith; I thought I was secure.
If I had known such grief would come, the pain that would ensue;
If I had known the cost I’d pay, I�d never followed through.

But how was I to know the cost that comes from giving all?
The suffering of my broken heart and how it hurt to fall?
I wept till all my tears were spent, till I could weep no more;
I fell beneath the heavy load, my eyes now dry and sore.

Self pity had besieged my soul while anger filed my heart;
How could a God of love and grace refuse to do His part?
I sulked, I raved in bitterness, my accusations flew,
I never thought to look to God and ask His point of view.

And when exhausted in my pain I wished my life were o�er,
A still, small voice of tenderness I hadn’t heard before.
Revealed to me that God still cares and longs to share my grief,
With open arms He beckoned me, “It’s here you’ll find relief.”

“I knew this blow would strike you hard, I knew just how you’d feel;
But you refused to hear My voice, you bulked at my appeal.
Yet I”m still here, I”ll guide you through, I”ll help you carry on.
For in this vale where darkness dwells, the clouds will soon be gone.

There is tomorrow, there is life, the sun will rise again,
And though it all seems hopeless now, there is relief from pain.
O, child of Mine, My grieving one, bring all your hurts to Me,
And let Me heal your broken heart, PLEASE! Let Me set you free.”

There is tomorrow, there is life, the sun will rise again  Greta Zwaan

Bottled Tears
Psalm 56:8

Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2012

I saw no light, I heard no voice, and yet I knew He’s here.
I felt a presence in my soul; I knew that He was near.
I pondered this phenomena – unseen yet very real,
The overwhelming evidence, the calm, yet stirring zeal.

I had a need but had not asked, I felt beyond repair;
I could not verbalize my grief; I could not bow in prayer.
I visualized my broken life; I knew I stood alone,
I knew His Word said, “Come to Me.” But how could that atone?

So in despair I sat alone, bereft, lost and forlorn;
My soul could not cry out to God, it could but weep and mourn.
But God could come and draw me near! He did! He saw my plight,
He saw my never-ending tears, the darkness of my night.

In love He came to comfort me, to bottle up my tears,
To grant me hope that faith exists, to still my heart’s deep fears.
There is no darkness He can’t quench, no depths He fears to tread,
There is no soul beyond His reach, no place on earth to dread.

His great compassion, endless love, will bring my soul relief,
In time my broken heart will heal, God will remove my grief.
For now He gently holds my hand, He guides me through each day,
He doesn’t push, He doesn’t prod, but firmly leads the way.

Time heals all wounds, God heals all souls; How could we not rejoice?
The burden-bearer of our grief draws near with gentle voice.

Time heals all wounds, God heals all souls; How could we not rejoice?
Grief Quotes

Faith, A Gift
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2009

Faith cannot be conjured up, faith is freely given,
Faith comes from the work of God, not from the years man’s striven.
Sinners cannot free themselves from the curse that holds them,
In submission to God’s will, love and grace enfold them.

God sent Jesus for this task – man could not achieve it,
But through a willing heart and mind, faith lets him believe it.
Marvelous grace that sets man free, helps him through temptations,
Gives him wisdom to discern, to bring peace to the nations.

But man does not acknowledge God, his goal is fame and glory;
He doesn’t seem to understand God�s great salvation story.
When trials come, when life is hard, man seeks for God�s assistance,
Reluctantly acknowledging, I ask, but with resistance.

I think I’m capable myself, I have my own conclusions,
But folks say I should try You out; I say, that�s an allusion.
However, if You are that wise and if You are all-knowing,
Perhaps this problem You could solve, this weight that keeps on growing.

God, who’s waited patiently for you to come before Him,
Asks nothing in return from you except that you adore Him.
He bears no grudge, He sends no bills, the cost was taken care of,
His Son was held accountable; you’ve nothing to despair of.

The faith you cannot find yourself comes through the Holy Spirit,
It’s freely offered as a gift – by grace, not by your merit.
God has a plan reserved for you, He seeks for your compliance,
Together, walking down life’s road, a wonderful alliance.

Brownie Points
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2015

Don’t come to me with your “brownie points” list;
I’m not impressed with your deeds.
I’m fully aware of your motives to serve,
You’re mirrored in self-serving deeds.

You’re not concerned with the fallen, the meek,
You frown at the weakness of man.
You bow to their needs so that others will see,
It’s part of your devious plan.

But all your achievements are like filthy rags;
They merit no honour with Me.
I see the darkness that dwells in your heart,
A darkness I’ve come to set free.

You can’t gain entrance to glory by works,
Faith is the key to that door.
Faith is the only deliverance from sin,
Acceptance requires no more.

Believe, be forgiven – Christ’s plan is complete,
There’s not one more thing you need to do.
Rest in His love and His wonderful grace,
The door will be opened for you.

You can't gain entrance to glory by works, Faith is the key to that door.

Through Faith
Poet: E. Margaret Clarkson

Through faith we understand
The things we cannot know –
The hidden pattern God has planned
And why each thread is so.
We trace life’s vast design
And lose His golden strand;
But when our wills with His entwine,
Through faith we understand.

Through faith we understand
What to our sight is dim,
And still Love’s sweet, all-knowing hand
Leads those who trust in Him.
Ours not to know the way
But bow to His command;
And when our childlike hearts obey,
Through faith we understand.

He Is Able
Poet: Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

Canst thou take the barren soil
And with all thy pains and toil
Make lilies grow?
Thou canst not. O helpless man,
Have faith in God — He can.

Canst thou paint the clouds at eve?
And all the sunset colors weave
Into the sky?
Thou canst not. O powerless man
Have faith in God – He can.

Canst thou still thy troubled heart
And make all cares and doubts depart
From out thy soul?
Thou canst not. O faithless man,
Have faith in God – He can

Have faith in God - He can
Quotes about God

Let God Guide You
by , ©2012

Focus on happiness, not discontent
Thank God for the gifts that are heaven sent.

Rather than crying for what we have not
Give thanks for all that you’ve got.

Count your blessings and then
Share them with others again and again.

Always be kind, loving and true
With others and those dear to you.

Always show patience, don’t turn away
It will make life worthwhile tomorrow and today.

Giving helps others you know
But more importantly it helps you to grow.

God gave us the ability to do, not just try
Give thanks rather than cry.

Live your life fully and true
Don’t let life get you blue.

As you start your day
Get down on your knees and pray.

Let God guide you In all that you do.

Let God guide you In all that you do.

God My Light
Poet: Jason Kirk Bartley

God my light, guide me every day.
Never, ever, lead me astray.
When you see that trouble’s near.
I do not worry, Lord, you make it clear.

God my light, you are my strength.
If it looks that I may fall short, Lord,
you add an extra length.
Take this ship, through the storms of life.
Make it stronger through all the strife.

God my light, let my candle burn.
So all can see and live and learn.
Lord, never let me hide this flame.
So I can be with you in Jesus’s name.

High Above The Hills
Poet: John McLeod, ©1981

High above the hills and dales
A white dove soars, a seagull sails
A skylark sings from altitude
Unseen, but heard below where good
And ill so often fight it out
Instilling fear, unrest and doubt
That darkens vision to confuse
So much to gain, so much to lose!

And here below I cannot fly
To be with them in azure sky
My heart cries out for freedom’s way
Above the clouds of violent grey
To where in tune with skylark’s song
Dismissed is pain and sufferings wrong
With seagull and with gentle dove
At one with God
In Peace and Love.

Poet: Joseph Sottile,
Author of Picture Poetry on Parade

When I doubt
God’s existence when I believe not in man’s humanity
when I doubt myself or others
I think of seeds recently flung
from my hand on bare spots
miles from any mountaintop.
Days later I discover blades of grass
thousands are there growing and sprouting
in my back yard shooting skyward
simple blades of grace.

“Faith is being sure of what we hope for
and certain of what we do not see.”

Hebrews 11:1
Hope Quotes

St. Theresa’s Prayer

May today there be peace within.
May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.
May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content with yourself just the way you are.
Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.

“I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God:
first, it is impossible,
then it is difficult,
then it is done.”

Hudson Taylor
Miracle Quotes and Sayings

God Will Be There
by Catherine Pulsifer

When you think of God and all that is divine
Do you count your blessings and realize all is fine.
Look around and see, the flowers and the trees
In them will appear all that is dear

You see, our faith will lead us to that place
Where peace will be found and you will find happy sounds
Never stop believing, never be scared of dying
As God will always be there no matter what your cares.

May I not lose sight of You, You're the One who'll get me through  Greta Zwaan
God’s Love

Lord, Get Me Through!
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2010

Will You walk along with me as I journey through this life?
Will You comfort me when I am in distress?
Will You light my darkened path so that I won’t go astray,
Give directions so that I won’t have to guess?

When I falter on my way, when the ground seems rough and steep,
When each footstep that I take seems filled with pain?
As my burden grows intense and my joy seems fully gone,
Will You give me hope and help me start again?

In my lonely hours I cry, “Lord! Please, heed my desperate plight,
For my tears are with me every day and night.”
This dark valley seems so long, and the road an endless plod;
I can only pray and leave my fate with God.

May I not lose sight of You, You’re the One who’ll get me through;
Hold my hand, and by Your love my faith renew.

Love Alone
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2012

Sin requires no second payment, once the sentence is fulfilled;
Man cannot be hung on gallows if his voice has once been stilled.
If the verdict says, “You’re guilty” and the punishment assigned,
No one has the power to change things, fate unfolds as life designed.

But in silence comes a whisper, soft and gentle yet so strong,
Hope, not altogether vanquished, non-existent for so long,
Sets a spark, renews an interest, in deep darkness streams a light,
A mere flicker, oh, so tiny, daring to disrupt the night.

Faith can conquer each assailant, sin need not be in control,
Earthly sins require payments but there’s healing for the soul.
Full surrender brings forgiveness, peace engulfs a broken heart,
Mercy draws a contrite being; God! How wonderful Thou art!

Through the tunnel of great darkness love alone could cast out fear,
Christ’s redemptive power has conquered, all is well for Christ is near.

God Is Not Breaking Me
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2009

God is not breaking me, He is making me,
Daily fulfilling His plan;
Trying me, plying me, testing my fiber
Working throughout my entire life’s span.

Giving me moments when darkness surrounds me,
Making the valley a hard place to dwell,
Reaching me, teaching me, drawing me closer;
I am assured that He does all things well.

But there are moments when my faith will falter,
Times when I think that God’s gone astray,
Left me, bereft me, deserted and lonely,
Feeling a failure day after day.

It’s in these moments, when all life seems futile,
When efforts seem useless and time’s standing still;
Pondering, squandering, hours without purpose,
Endlessly searching to find out God’s will.

Then in the twilight I find awakening,
A fragment of knowledge, deep in my soul,
Filling me, thrilling me, God is still present!
I need not worry, He’s in full control.

I am His masterpiece, still in the making,
So many factors are yet incomplete.
Tending and blending part of life’s fabric,
Silently waiting, for God is discreet.

He’s not demanding, His patience long lasting,
He has forever to will and to do;
Never to worry, never to scurry,
What God has started, He’ll always see through.

What God has started, He'll always see through.  Greta Zwaan
God’s Love

Asian Disaster (Dec 26, 2004)
Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2005

It came upon them unawares, it rose with might and terror,
It thrust its force with deadly aim, with vicious, mighty furor!
There was no one who had prepared, this thing was unpredicted,
It stormed the shores with mighty waves – no time to be evicted.

There was no warning of this act, no mention of foreboding,
The thundering crashes of the sea, its fury was unloading.
Whatever obstacle it faced, with violence was assaulted,
The roar of power covered all, the crush could not be halted.

Screams of terror, shrieks of pain, were never heard or heeded,
Everything was swept away – gone! as if unneeded.
Terror struck the heart of man, the whole world was alerted,
News was flashed on TV screens, “The violent storm asserted!”

Buildings, bridges, fishing boats, swimming pools and dwellings,
All was caught within its path; the power, so compelling!
People washed out on the waves – gone! without a warning,
No one there to save their lives; it sent the world to mourning.

Why was there no one to alert? To give the cry, “DISASTER!?”
“Run for your lives! Be in great haste! Lest death become your master!”
But few escaped tsunami’s force and lived to tell the story,
The water rose to tops of trees! The scene was worse than gory!

And when the fury was all spent, an eerie silence entered;
The silence, deafening as the storm, now in its place had centered.
The sky was blue, the sun shone bright, the world seemed calm and placid;
The horror that had gone before was like a burning acid!
The roaring waves, the sea enraged, had fully spent its power,
These lives had taken years to build now gone within the hour.

Whom do we blame? What can we say? What comfort can be given?
How do you tell the orphan child that treacherous waves have driven
The ones he loved and held so dear, they’d never be returning?

Yet nothing has remained the same; the landscape now lies haunted,
The victims of tsunami’s power in watery graves were flaunted.
Can man rebuild? Can hearts be healed? Is there hope for tomorrow?
Will grief move on and lives pick up? Can comfort come in sorrow?

In faith look up! God is still there! His arms long to enfold you,
In love and mercy He’ll draw near; in tenderness He’ll hold you.
He’ll bear the burdens you can’t bear, your angst He will diminish,
For everything the Lord begins He’ll see through to the finish.
Before your birth He knew the end, your thoughts he’s well aware of;
With earthly treasures all removed your life’s still taken care of.

God does not call only in grief, He always tries to draw us;
But when there’s no place else to turn, we know He knows – He saw us!
In deep despair, in anguish sore, His patience lasts forever,
So turn to Him! In all your grief, His love no storm can sever!

By Faith
Poet: Unknown

Every end is a new beginning, like the chapters in a book,
By faith we reach out expectantly turn the page and take a look.
Each volume has a specific size each complete in our Lord’s sight,
He writes His love in many ways, in sunny days, through darkest night.
He’s cast us each as our life’s hero, it’s up to us to act the part,
Find the faith to walk rejoicing, sing His goodness in our heart.
Of course we’d sometimes like to linger in pleasant resting places,
But time goes on and comes the challenge of tomorrow’s untried races.
Since we cannot see and do not know the next step He has planned,
Boldly make a new beginning and trust the ending to His hand.

Are You A Gleaner?
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 1997

Ruth was gathering fallen grain, searching, stooping gleaning;
Picking up the “left behind,” gathering, sifting, screening.
Glad to have a place to search where the grain had scattered,
Hoping for a basketful, that’s what really mattered.

Though she was a foreign lass, and her needs ere pressing,
Daily she resumed her task, seeking for the blessing.
She had come, she knew her heart; Naomi’s God had called her.
When she saw God’s tender love, O how it had enthralled her.

Yes, she stooped to glean the fields, in a land unknown,
Gathering up the fallen grain that Boaz once had sown.
And her presence was observed by all those around her,
Diligent, with steady hand, that’s how Boaz found her.

He had heard what she had done; her fame had gone before her,
How Naomi’s life was blessed, and how she did adore her.
Faithfulness and tender love gave her recognition;
Reverence and a tender heart helped her fill her mission.

Are you like Ruth? A willing one? Gathering in the fallen?
Seeking souls that walk in sin? Do you hear the calling?
Gather souls for time is short, seek the ones in danger,
Introduce them to the Lord, Christ who loves each stranger.

Harvest time is here today, many hearts are open,
Do Christ’s bidding, bring them in, for the Lord has spoken.

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