Pray for Your Children

Pray for Your Children

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What Do You Wish For Your Children?
If you are like thousands of parents around the globe, you will want them to grow with the word of God as one of their most valued treasures.In a child’s life, there are so many things for them to learn, to confront and to know how to deal with all those worldly issues that will arise as they go through life.

Educational Needs
You will pray for their educational needs that they be fulfilled so that they may make informed decisions of what they will do. You will desire them to be treated fairly, to be valued for their own uniqueness, and for their potential.

When To Pray
You can pray for your children at any time no matter where or when. You can pray for them while you are on your way to work, at the gym, or sitting quietly on your couch while reading a book.

You Can Pray for Many Different Things
You can’t always be with your children to keep them from harm but you can always be with them through pray.

You can pray that each of your children will find a spouse that values them, treats them with respect and that your grandchildren will be raised within God’s teachings.

Prayer is your constant source of asking for guidance, for endurance, for the strength to keep helping your children from their time in youth through their adult years, to be their for them as long as your remaining days.

You can pray for your children that they might also be there for you in your twilight years as their way of thanking you for all that you have done for them and with them. Your investment in your children is a treasure that you will always hold dear and near to your hearts and pray keeps these feelings of love awake and alive.

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