To Bake Or Not

To Bake Or Not

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Not everyone can bake bread at least not from scratch. The thing about baking bread from scratch is that you have to have all your ingredients ready and then you have to follow the recipe to the letter or you will find that you bake a very unusual bread.

Bread making is something like baking your own life. You need all the ingredients and you need to ensure that you follow a plan or you will end up getting something you do not really want.

Followed A Recipe
One of the things that are noticeable for those who have made a success out of their life whether that is in a career or in a business is that they have all followed a plan, a recipe that produces results they want.

If you are just starting out in a new career, you may think that your background or education that got you the job is all that you will need to make it to a higher level. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Develop A Plan
Just like in baking bread, you need to develop a plan and not just any plan. You need to have the ingredients or at the very least, you need to know what ingredients you will have to acquire.

One of the ways to find out what you need is to simply ask your new boss. You will need to be very specific in telling your boss where you eventually want to end up in your career because if you don’t know, he or she will not be able to guide you. If you don’t know where you want to end up, you may end up someplace you detest and will be totally miserable.

Or, you can consult with other people in your particular area of work and you can find these people through networking groups. One way to network and get to know a lot of people is through your local community groups like the Rotary or Kiwanis clubs. These are people who give up their time to help within their community for great causes and there is no better way to learn some new skills by offering your services.

The absolute worse thing you can do is to sit back and assume that opportunity will come knocking on your door. Well, unfortunately, this rarely happens. So, if you really do not want to get ahead in life, just sit back and let life roll over you – it will.

Taking Action
The action you take must follow a plan that not only is laid out in a series of steps but must also be a plan that makes sense for you. What this means is that you cannot think, for example, that you can do certain steps if they are beyond your current available time, or that you can just take one course and believe that you should be immediately promoted. Part of your plan must be realistic in terms of time frames.

Let us talk a bit about networking that was mentioned earlier. To be effective at networking, you must make yourself available to situations that can introduce you to those within your industry or those that work in related areas. It doesn’t make any sense at all to network with doctors, for example, if your spatiality is insurance. To be effective, you should seriously consider joining several groups that can lead to making acquaintances over a period of time. One of these groups could be Rotary or some other community oriented group. The reason for joining and being active in these kind of community groups is not only about networking but is also a demonstration that you care for others and not just about yourself. This kind of activity makes a tremendous statement about your values that other potential employers will value.

Be Prepared
Be prepared to take positive and real action right from the start of your career because it won’t be long before your formal training is dated and you will certainly be left behind with few options. Create your own recipe for success and bake the best life you can starting right now.

The Most Important Ingredient
Think about the gifts and talents God has given to you. Use them in a way that honors God. Think about what purpose God put you here on this earth. The most important ingredient is to pray to God about the plans you have and let him guide you.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Success does not always come from thinking more rigorously or striving harder.”Paul Z. Jackson

“What God does for us is beyond the reach of our biggest prayer on our greatest day with our highest level of faith – He exists in that realm to work for us.”Bill Johnson

“God created you for a purpose. Greatness is destined for your life.” Carl Mathis

“It is overwhelming to realize that the God of the universe, the only God and Creator of all that is, has chosen to call every believer into a very special relationship with Himself.”Henry T. Blackaby, Called and Accountable Tenth Anniversary Edition: Discovering Your Place in God’s Eternal Purpose

“So to be paid more money in your work, you need to add more value to the world. And the best way to begin adding value to the world is to start becoming a more valuable person. Acquire skills no one else has. Read books no one else is reading.” Robin Sharma

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