Messed Up

Messed Up

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The little boy wanted to desperately make pancakes for his parents so he got up early one Saturday morning. He had watched his mom make pancakes several times so he had a really good idea about how he would proceed.

So Quiet
He quietly left his bedroom being careful not to shut his door and crept down the stairs going straight to the kitchen. He approached the fridge knowing that his mom had gotten eggs out, and then placed them near the stove. He couldn’t quite reach the counter top easily so he carefully dragged a chair from the kitchen table over towards the counter so he could stand up on it.

He stood there for a moment trying to remember what his mom did next. Then, he remembered that he needed flour and a big bowl. So, he got down from the chair, went to the bottom cupboard and got the big tin of flour out and set in on the floor. Then, off to another cupboard where he knew there was a big bowl. After he set it down, he started to doubt that he had everything he needed. Oh, he just remembered he needed some milk to put in the big mixing bowl. Off to the fridge where he got out a carton of milk.

Next, he went to carry all his ingredients up to the counter top where all was going well until he tried to lift the flour tin up to the counter while at the same time climbing up on the chair. And, with a big heave, he missed the top of the counter, hit the tin on the side and knocked it to the floor where it crashed loudly and spilled all of its contents over the kitchen floor. In his hurry to get down off the chair to clean up the flour, his elbow hit the egg carton which also slammed to the floor throwing and busting eggs all through the flour.

Oh What A Mess
He climbed down horrified at the mess. He didn’t know where to start so he just grabbed handful after handful of flour and threw it into the garbage tin beside the stove. He was covered in flour and gooey egg but he continued relentlessly.

As he was hurrying around to clean up, out of the corner of his eye he saw his father standing there with his arms crossed. Oh no, he thought; now I am really going to get in trouble. As he turned to face his father, his father started coming towards him but instead of a scowl on his face, he had a huge grin. He approached his son and grabbed him into his arms covered with flour and eggs. It didn’t matter – he held him tight and kissed him on the cheek.

When We Mess Up
Such is the case when we mess up in life and attempt to clean it up but seem to get nowhere fast. But, our father is there to embrace us not afraid to get messy along with us but he doesn’t care. That father is God.Asking God for His help, admitting we can’t do it on our own, that we need help, is the first step in trusting God.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“In order to receive the gift of revelation we need to become like little children: simple, sincere, trusting and full of faith.” G B Woodcock

“Isn’t it amazing the things God Almighty can do when we put our trust in him and let him work in our lives? Pat Gelsinger

“In our own lives, it’s okay to make mistakes and be confused, anxious and stressed. It’s normal and God still loves us.” Mona M. Hanna

“We must all move on and trust God for our tomorrows. It’s wonderful that we have Him to put our faith in.” June Dawn Knight

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