Too Late

Too Late

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It was a normal day or so I thought at first. Off to work where I needed to do some very demanding and attentive tasks. I knew I could not go home for lunch so I didn’t even think about it. But, then I got a call from my son who told me he was having some problems and was having a really bad day with his thoughts and feelings.

I at first thought that he would just have to wait until I got home for supper so I told him I would speak with him then. I went back to work but thought I’d better go home just in case and see what was going on. My greatest nightmare began when I arrived home – my son had committed suicide.

This was the story told to me by a friend who went to offer solace and help. Some of the facts are changed to protect the identity of these people but the jest of it is real.

A Sad Story
The really sad thing is not only a suicide of a child but the fact that this child was under the care of several physicians but seemed to fall through the cracks of the system. Not enough was done with enough after-care or follow through to obviously make a difference. A tragedy that I am still convinced to this day that could have been avoided. It was not the fault of the parents – they did everything imaginable to get their child help and to make sure there was guidance to help them with him.

To say the least, this was a horrific time for this family but a time when sorrow, pain and anguish was shared with God and where God was asked over and over again for strength, for perseverance and for the will to go on.

This was a time that true friends and family came forth to be there, to offer their comfort, to offer their presence without a word, or to engage in deep and painful honest discussion. A time where souls were laid bare, where guilt tried to triumph in unrealistic terms but was thankfully overpowered through prayer and guidance.

There are times through our life when everything we can imagine may go wrong, where devastation takes over, or where horrific accidents or situations arise. It is only through the power of God that one can deal with these terrible circumstances but knowing that God will not give you more than you can handle should also be a comfort to you. Stay with God for God will always stay with you.

It has now been several years since this tragic event took place. And, through the years, the son has never been forgotten, and the entire family is still recognizing his birthday with a supper held in his honor. There is also a family get together at their church where they have purchased dozens of helium filled balloons and set they free to float up to the heavens above. As the balloons are being released, the family joins in prayer.

God Was With Them
All through this ordeal, God has been with them every step of the way. To be sure, there are some days that are more difficult to cope with than others but through prayer, they have made their life complete and the sorrow has lessened in the knowledge that God is now looking after their son.

Some people have referred to the fact that in all things there is good. This is true in a lot of various situations that I have observed and it is also with this family. One good thing that resulted from this terrible loss was that the father, who had not attended church before except for the Christmas service, has now become a regular member of the church. He has also has participated more often in church events, has prepared food to bring to church gatherings, and has also been asked to join the vestry.

God works in mysterious ways but also works with those who believe in him and call to him for their comfort and solace.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“God is continuously pouring his goodness and loving kindness on you and all He wants from you – Is believe and receive.” Gloria Coleman

“When we come to the end of our rope, that is where we find God.” Adam Cumpston

“Understanding God’s predestined plan for your life is a powerful tool for maturing you in the faith.” Eddie Snipes

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