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Success One Word

Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2012

Is there a secret formula for success? Many people wonder what the formula for success is and often wonder if they are missing a secret ingredient.

When you look around at the various success stories some of them seem to be quite easy whereas others seem to have taken a great deal of work. Far too often, people like to assume that the majority of success comes from having luck. I hate to say it especially when so many people believe it to be true, but it is not a matter of luck that gives you success.

Success, on the other hand, is a hard fought battle for most of us. There is no magic formula, nor is there an easy way. As an old saying goes, work comes before success in the dictionary. Oh, how true.

Is A Quick-Fix Possible?
The really sad fact is that for literally thousands upon thousands of people, they are constantly looking for a quick fix to their financial, career or relationship needs. There are those who believe strongly that it is simply a matter of looking for the rag to riches story where they either win a lottery or they involve themselves in get-rich-quick schemes one after the other after the other.

I am not saying they are not winners in the lottery or that there are not some get-rich-schemes that may work but if you are looking only for these kinds of situations to improve your life, you may be waiting for the rest of your life and still never succeed.

Life has no limitations except the ones you make. Les Brown

Is There Any Risk To Success?
Then, there is a lot to be said about risk factors when analyzing success. All you have to do is look around at almost any company you can find that is not funded by the government and you will see risk is alive and well. Behind every wall of that company are one or more people who risked their financial savings, or mortgaged their home to the hilt, or borrowed from friends and relatives to make the initial investment that it took to get the company up and running.

Risk is not about eliminating absolutely everything that can go wrong before you begin a new venture or take on a new career or change jobs.

Risk is more about putting yourself forward in life rather than sitting on your hands and hoping that opportunity will hit you just like lightning. But, you also do not attempt a major change in your life by acting irrationally or simply on a whim and fancy. The element of risk can never be reduced one hundred percent but there are many things that you can do to reduce them to the lowest degree. Do not pass on finding out as much as you can from mentors or other like minded people who have made the commitment to move forward despite the fact that failure is still very real.

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