The Making of a Friend

The Making of a Friend


What does it take to make a friend? A normal question with not so normal answers in some cases.

One of these situations of not the usual answer happened to me luckily not that long ago.

As some would suspect from my background, I am not the most open person at times because of the kind of work I did many years ago – that work was in the justice system where one does not necessarily develop a natural affinity to make friendships with everyone.

Paint Everyone with the Same Brush?
But, one thing that should never be compromised is the ability to give everyone a fair hearing without prejudice or malice. In other words, do not paint everyone with the same brush because of past circumstances.

I had occasion to be a vendor at a local market and during a lull in customers, I took a walk around the rest of the craft show. I came across another vendor who was displaying similar products and stopped in to preview his work.

As soon as I walked in his area, he came over and started to chat. As he began to tell me about his work, I sensed that there was more to his casual discussion than first appeared.

Sure, he was friendly and quite knowledgeable about his craft but there was more to him than what first was presented.

Just As I Suspected
I began to ask him about what he did before he became an artisan and learned what I had suspected.He had been a . . . . .

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