The Secret of Happiness

The Secret of Happiness

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I’m sure by now, most of you reading this will know of the hundreds of books written over the years that talk about happiness, joy and a fulfilling life. But, for many, their quest to get a straight answer about happiness has still not been answered to their satisfaction.

The Question of Happiness
The question of what is happiness, though, is not a one secret formula or answer. To some, this answer will be very disappointing because they long for a one solution answer that finally gives them what they have desired for many years.

What We Take For Granted
On the other hand, I can give you several answers that may lead you to discover your own answer. For example, happiness for millions of people would be the freedom that we enjoy in North America that allows us to work, play, vote and live a life full of opportunity. For these millions, they cannot begin to contemplate, except in a dream world, what we take as a given, what we often take for granted, and what we so often complain about always wanting more non-essential toys and possessions.

A Choice Of What You Can Be or Do
To others, happiness is something that they can possess but do not take the opportunity to exercise it because of what they choose not to do more than not having the choice. By this I mean that these types of people fail to understand that they could do, as in work, what they desire if they where truly interested in doing what they wanted. For example, if a person is in an unrewarding career, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t change their career if they really, really wanted to.

Or, take the person, for example, who really wants to run his or her own business but takes no action towards putting a plan into motion. They seemingly have the notion of what would make them happy but do nothing to get there.

No Problems
As well, the notion of happiness for some is a constant – that is, they always want to be in a euphoric state of happiness. I hate to be blunt, but happiness is not a constant. Each one of us has issues, concerns, obstacles, problems and tribulations to deal with at some point in our lives. All of these issues may not be pleasant but they must be dealt with. Once we have successfully overcome our problems, it is more likely that we can return to a state of happiness.

A Secret Formula?
So, unfortunately but realistically, happiness is not something where you can find a secret formula that will guarantee a constant happy life. But, happiness is within our daily lives even though it may be in small proportions, and occurs only a few times. To me, happiness is a combination of a lot of factors but some of the main components are being true to yourself, your ethics, your values, and the care and giving you offer to others.

Inspirational Quotes To Think About
“While it’s hard to communicate the joy that a person can feel by doing good in the world with their money, giving to worthy causes has created far more pleasure and happiness in my life than owning a nicer car or a bigger home ever would.” Matthew Paulson

“Happiness, in basic terms, is realizing that you already possess all that you could ever need and want.”Tim Grimes

“Most people ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can only be felt if you don’t set any condition.” Arthur Rubinstein

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