The Wooden Bowl Message Page 2

The Wooden Bowl Message Page 2

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And, as time went on, sales continued to drop, and he started to complain. It became quite common that very market day the same thing would happen with fewer sales and even greater complaints.

Even though we spoke to him again and offered to help him develop a different product mix, he would refuse to change.

Who Is In Control Of Change
The message is clear. You can choose to change, or you can remain where you are doing what you have always done. And, the only person who can choose to change is you. It doesn’t matter whether you are the type of person who offers advice to others to change, you are the only person who can accept that change is necessary and do it, or you can stay stuck.

Do As I Say But Not As I Do
Now, in this particular case, this crafter keeps doing the same old thing and still goes about telling everyone else that they have to change with the times.

The interesting thing is this: he is absolutely correct in what he says and his advice is usually followed. The advice he has given to many other crafters has lead them to actually increase their sales whereas he is still going downhill in his own sales volume.

Common Issue Throughout The World
Unfortunately, this same matter of fact way of making suggestions to others and not following your own advice is rampant throughout the world. I see these kinds of people almost every week and I have yet to see one of then follow their own suggestions.

We Are The Change We Want To See
I believe that each of us has the ability to change but change only comes when we see ourselves as the first to change. You cannot change anyone unless they want to change much like you cannot make an animal drink no matter how many bowls of water you set out in front of them. If they choose not to drink, they will not drink.

Inspirational Quotes To Consider
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Tony Robbins

“You can study and plan for ages, but nothing changes without action.” Paul Evans

“Everything changes and everything around you is affected by change. If you wait until you retire to pursue your dream, chances are, they have already changed as well.” Rand Bennett

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