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The Wooden Bowl Message

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There are those people who love to give advice. This advice is given without being asked, and is offered at every opportunity they can get. The unusual thing is that some of these people are the ones that do not like to accept advice given to them.

The Expert
There is one person that comes to mind immediately when I think of people who love to tell others what they should change. This is a person who has been a wood worker for many, many years and sells some great products at a local market. Since we also sell craft products, we got to know him very well over the years.

Change Required
Now, the craft market is very interesting and also is one that requires you to change your product mix from time to time. These products need to meet the market conditions especially in pricing. With any slow economic time what with every thing going up in price including gas, a product line needs to offer some very reasonably priced items to attract customers.

Advice Not Followed
One thing we learned very early on was to change our product line every year we brought our goods for display. And, it was this very woodcrafter that suggested we try different products not just the ones we preferred to make and sell. But, over the last several years, we have noticed that year in and year out, he continues to bring the same products to sell and with rather high price tags.

Advice Offered For Positive Advantage
In an attempt to help him because he had helped us, and noticing that his customer base had severely dropped and sales were really down, we spoke to him suggesting he start to develop a line of products that were smaller and a little less expensive.

Rejected Without Trying
Well, it was quite amazing what his reaction was. He said he didn’t need to change his products, he was quite happy doing what he always did.

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