Thinking Positive

Thinking Positive

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When life seems overwhelming, are you able to engage in thinking positive that allows you to look ahead and see light at the end of the tunnel? Are you able to work your way through difficulties, problems, hurts, pain, and attacks?

Positive Focus

Sometimes, life’s challenges are tough to deal with. As well, there doesn’t seem to be any quick fix to deal with life’s challenges. Surely, you might be thinking, with all the advances in modern science, with advances in medicine, and with advances in how the brain functions there would be a way to deal with problems, issues, challenges, roadblocks, upsets or just plain old miserable times. But, as developed as our scientific world is today, the sad news is that there is no instant cure for for our everyday issues of concern.

Destroy Negative Thinking

If there is no cure for all the issues and challenges in this life, what is one to do to counter all of these problems? One of the strongest defenses is the greatest offense. This offense is to counter all the issues pertinent to your world by spreading a heavy dose of positive thinking over and around everything that you encounter. Negative thoughts are like weeds in a garden. Once a weed is allowed to flourish, the garden is quickly overtaken. But, if you weed the garden before the weeds spread, you will end up with a beautiful and bountiful garden.

And, just like gardens, you must work at removing weeds every day just like you must work every day to keep motivated; to keep spreading bountiful positive attitudes and behaviors anytime you run into an adverse situation or person.

And, let’s be very truthful; tending to life’s garden is not easy. There are always excuses that can be used to put off what should be done. Every time you give in to allowing a little weed to grow in your garden so it is also that allowing a little negative thought to creep into your life asserts a toe hold upon you. And, just like a garden needs nourishment and watering so does one’s spirit. It needs to be nurtured daily and one way to help to do this is by reading words of wisdom.

Inspirational and motivational books, magazines or articles used on a daily basis is like using a weeding tool and a watering can each and every day to subdue weeds and water growth. Each time, especially on a daily basis, that you read an inspirational story, or several quotes or a motivational article that talks about overcoming stumbling blocks or overcoming obstacles in one’s life the more your subconscious assimilates the meaning. This meaning becomes engrained in your psychic and bubbles to the surface throughout your day. The more you read and ponder the deep meaning within these words of inspiration the more your daily life will change for the better.

And, another is to reduce the number of negative influences in your life. These negative influences are the people who do not support your growth, or who relish in seeing only the negatives or possible problems you will encounter along the way. These are the types of people who pretend to be a comforting and encouraging friend but their desire is to more likely drag you down to their level of misery and negative thinking than it is to build you up with words of encouragement and positive reinforcing behaviors.

You Control It

Do not allow anyone else to tend to your garden; it is up to you and you alone to ensure that it grows and is always at the forefront of your thoughts. Make your garden a beautiful one and one that is envied by all those other garden owners who just sit around and hope someone else will come along to tend to their needs.

Attacks On Thinking Positive

You are the only one who can control the way you think. Make sure you nourish the positive thoughts, and weed out the negative ones. Why is this so important?

The importance lies within how you think, act and cast those inner thoughts upon the world around you. It is these inner thoughts that transcend the troubles and toil that pervades every day life. It is these thoughts that become behaviors that not only assists you to keep moving forward beyond normal challenges but also casts a shining light for others to follow as well. You become the role model of all things that are positive amidst the slings and arrows of life’s misfortunes.

No matter where you work or live or what occupation you engage in negative or undermining forces are constant. But, you have been armed with positive thinking that permeates each and very thorny bush within the garden of life.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:

“The World is what we think it is. If we can change our thoughts, we can change the world.” H.M. Tomlinson

“There is a basic law that like attracts like. Negative thinking definitely attracts negative results. Conversely, if a person habitually thinks optimistically and hopefully, his positive thinking sets in motion creative forces, and success instead of eluding him flows toward him.” Norman Vincent Peale

“The mind is like a river; upon its waters thoughts float through in a constant procession every conscious moment. You stand on a bridge over it and can stop and turn back any thought that comes along. The art of contentment is to let no thought pass that is going to disturb you.” Dr. Frank Crane

“You can boost your emotional energy by thinking positive thoughts about people who need help.” Bryan Cohen

“The power of positive thinking is pretty much ingrained in us at an early age and it’s one of those things we tend to shrug off as get older.” Joe Procopio

“Even if there are many things you don’t like but still have to be done, the first rule to remember is to replace all of your negative thoughts and associations with those more positive thoughts.” Mark Thomas

“Panic attacks and anxiety can make us feel ashamed, and can lead us to being very critical of ourselves. Instead of mentally berating yourself, practice positive speeches to yourself.” Jeff Gunn

“There will be times when your kids and grandkids are too busy with their own lives to spend time with you. Or you might have plans that don’t succeed the way you thought they would. When that happens keep your focus and make sure your thinking remains positive.” Michael Bennett

Remember This

You will succeed if you focus your thinking positive thoughts on how to overcome each and every new challenge. No one promised you a rose garden without the thorns. Each garden in one’s life has a series of weeds that constantly push their way into your garden of tranquility. This doesn’t mean that you should simply allow the weeds of despair to crowd out what is good and wholesome. Instead, it means that you exercise a constant guard to overpower and overcome any and all weeds no matter how big or small.

Life throws unexpected attacks of various kinds on all of us. But, it is the person who keeps striking back with a positive and encouraging attitude that wins at the end of the day. And, I believe that you are one of those types of people who will overcome whatever it is you have to deal with and come out the other side with a stronger sense of vigor and optimism.

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