The Two Pots We Have

The Two Pots We Have

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We all have at least two pots in our life. One pot has a little problem with it, but the other is really good shape.

One Pot
The pot that is imperfect is that side of our life that sees us despair at times, that is a little selfish, can turn to anger when stressed, or is subject to moodiness.

The Other Pot
The other pot is full at all times with good thoughts, positive attitude, a helping hand, and able to negotiate through any challenges. It is the pot of good will that attracts friends and those who need a little helping hand.

We cannot always decide clearly which pot will be the most dominate in any given situation for life has a way of putting us into circumstances just at the wrong time. Sometimes, our little pot full of cracks plays the dominate role and there are other times when are better pot comes into play.

A Challenge For Us All
The hardest challenge for all of us is to make our cracked pot smaller and smaller until it vanished to no more than a cup size issue.

We all go through life needing to be open and honest with our own limitations recognizing that we are not perfect beings. But, unlike other mammals within the animal kingdom, we can change out habits, our attitudes and it is our choice to do so willingly. On the other hand, if you choose not to grow and mature with experience, you may just find that your pot with the little cracks grows to overtake your better pot.

As you grow, it is your continuous adaptability, desire to learn and desire to change that reinforces your good pot, but it is also your lack of continuous growth that can easily turn the tables.

There is no denying that each life has a set of challenges and a desired way to deal with these issues. Each one of us can go through life thinking that it really doesn’t matter how we deal with issues and where some also believe that you never have to deal with them. The ones who don’t deal with issues are similar to those who stick their heads in the sand hoping that if they don’t do anything, it will all go away. It is just like a child who believes that closing their eyes, you can’t see them.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is this: you can keep both pots full, you can lessen the less desirable if you choose, or you can let the least desirable control and rule your life – you decide – it is entirely your choice.

Take for example a person who thinks that they deserve a better life than they already have but do not wish to or intend to do anything but complain. This is a common attitude among thousands upon thousands of people in North America who believe strongly that everything should be their right and not have to lift a finger to get it. In these cases, their pot is more than cracked but instead split wide open.

“Many, many successful people met what appeared to be insurmountable challenges on their way to achieve success.”Byron Pulsifer, Problem Solving Skills

The challenge here in this example is that a process to change thinking from one of want to one of get. You may want more and more but you have to learn how to get. The pot should be full of doing and not wishing. The task is then to keep reducing what is in the want pot, and increasing what is in the doing pot.

Works Also For Relationships
This concept of pots also works in relationships. It takes two people to make a relationship and each person has two pots. One pot is self-serving while the other pot is giving and caring. When you give and care honestly and openly through active deeds, you reduce the self-serving pot, and increase your giving and caring pot.

Inspirational Quotes to Consider
While some people give to charity to get recognition and to be seen as a generous person, “I think this is the wrong motivation for giving. The joy that you receive from giving should come from seeing your money do good in the world, not because you receive kudos from those around you for being a generous person.” Matthew Paulson

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.” Horace Mann

“Everyone has his burden. What counts is how you carry it.” Merle Miller

“I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.” Jet Li

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