To Each A Little Rain

To Each A Little Rain


The day starts with the glory of the warming sunrise in the east as the mists of the night are slowly thrown back to their own beginnings. The silent warmth of the sun seeps slowly through the window as the birds are bouncing from branch to branch while high in the sky is seen the majestic eagle gliding smoothly on the updrafts created by the warming earth.

Does each day start with sunshine penetrating the deep of the night, and does your heart warm to the sights and sounds of nature around you? Does this sound to good to be true?

Is Your Life Full Of Sunshine
If your life is constantly full of sunshine where each day is transformed into beauty and each worldly gift is yours to use, then you are one of a few. To the rest of us, an idyllic world only exists in our fantasies. This is not to say, however, that we might not experience a day of warmth, sunshine, and beauty. It is only to say that within each life, rain must fall and this rain is in reality the pain, sorrow, disappointment, difficulities, challenges, and struggle of the true road of life.

Not too many years ago, I happened to meet a businessman who had started with nothing and was able to build a small fortune. It seemed that everything he touched turned to gold. It wasn’t really a gold laden path he chose, it was more that he chose his ventures well and put in tremendous effort. He had a good life by most people’s standards; he also had a wonderful family where his son and daughter were the apple of his life. The children were blessed with a loving family, everything they needed, and were both moving along into fantastic careers of their own.

Things Are Not What They Seem
If you were to view the household from the viewpoint of a stranger looking in, their total life couldn’t have been better. But, within each life, there are struggles or turmoil unseen. In his case, while all appeared well, there was a looming family problem with his daughter. His daughter met a very controlling man who constantly mentally influenced her to the point where she didn’t want anything to do with her family at all. She had moved in with him and the distance between her family grew further and further apart.

Her father became more and more frustrated and hurt at the same time. He had tried to reconnect with her but to no avail. He was at a complete loss of what to do to try and get his daughter to even speak to him. His life was slowly falling apart. It no longer mattered to him about his career, his business, and his ability to be able to make things better. Into each life rain must fall.

As months passed, his world was crumbling – his mind totally focused on his daughter. What was once a home filled with warmth and sunshine became one of total depression, moody, dark.

The sad situation continued for over a year. But, out of the blue, one Saturday morning, the front door opened. There she was – standing alone her suitcase in her hand. He had heard the door open and went to see who was there. As he turned the corner from the kitchen, he stopped and saw it was his daughter with her suitcase. Without a word, he approached her, hugged her as she welcomed her father into her arms. As he told me later, they didn’t speak a word for many minutes as they continued their warm embrace.

To this day, he is not sure exactly what happened with her relationship. She never spoke much about why she left only to say she slowly realized that she was more of a person than one given to the absolute control of another. She realized that her real life was more about how she had been raised not what someone else dictated to her.

We All Have Rain
Not every situation in life is reversed, as was this situation. But, if you are a parent, hope never dies. Life has its own way of throwing rain on us, but even rain stops. The real secret to life is to understand that we all must face and deal with rain. There is no protection; there is no stopping life from dealing a hand, and a hand we do not want. But, keep your head above water; keep to your core beliefs; keep looking for the sun because it is there.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“There are two ways of meeting difficulties: You alter the difficulties or you alter yourself to meet them.” Phyllis Bottome

“What is hope? Hope is wishing for a thing to come true; faith is believing that it will come true.” Norman Vincent Peale

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows. Helen Keller

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