Waste Not Affection

Waste Not Affection

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There are many elements that make a life. Some of these elements are more readily apparent than others, and some are much easier to adopt, and some are less visible at times. One of these necessary and respected elements is that of affection.

“If we treated everyone we meet with the same affection we bestow upon our favorite cat, they, too, would purr.” Martin Delany

You Can See It
Affection is one of those traits that we can observe when we go to the park and watch parents with their little children as they cuddle and laugh together. It is a trait that we see demonstrated by some pet owners who just show all kinds of affection to them with petting, or talking softly or dressing them is specialty animal clothes especially designed for them.

One can observe affection between two young lovers or a couple dining in a restaurant holding hands and speaking softly with warm smiles exchanged between them. Affection is all part of the human spirit. It says multitudes about who you are and what you value.

Is It A Waste of Time
One of the questions that I have heard in the past asks whether showing affection can be wasted?

To me, the short answer is no unless of course your demonstration of affection has been subject to being asked not to bother that particular person. Affection shows that we have a heart; we have a soft spot showing our level of kindness or our need to demonstrate how much we care.

No Limits
And, affection doesn’t have to be limited to any one occasion or celebration. Affection is one of those behaviors that are required between couples, between good friends, and to those whom one meets from time to time where personalities just seem to click. Kindness in words, sharing a joke, a laugh shared when one or the other does something outlandish or unusual, or a genuine smile shared among colleagues at work.

We All Need It
Affection is needed throughout life’s events as time passes and as we go about our daily activities with those we know and for those we meet. A warm handshake, a hug or even a wink of the eye sends a clear and kind message of warmth.

Affection is more than a demonstration outwardly too for it is something that is also internal to your own needs. To be affectionate to yourself also means that you like yourself and the more you like yourself the way you are the more you are able to communicate this affectionate attitude towards others on a daily basis. The long and short of this thought is that if you do not like yourself, you will not be genuinely able to show that you like someone else.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Treat yourself with kindness and with a torrential downpour of unconditional love. Turn up the dial on self-care and self-nurturing.”Wani Iris Manly

“Affection is not shown because it is required but shown as a true reflection of the warmth of the heart.”Byron Pulsifer

“. . . when you’re talking to yourself, stop having a ‘can’t do’ attitude and start having a ‘can do’ attitude. Even if you know that something is not going to go as well as you want it to, change the way you talk to yourself.” Alex Altman

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