Words That Encourage

Words That Encourage

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It is a funny thing about certain words and phrases in that some can impact in a positive way and others do not inspire or bring good thoughts at all. It is all about choosing the phrases that speak directly to your needs, desires, or what is bothering you at a certain time.

Use Positive Phrases
It is also important to realize that adding a positive phrase in words that encourage to your daily routine can only help not hinder.

Words of encouragement are more than words – they are thoughts and direction written by a host of people who either have had to overcome their own personal issues or concerns, or by those who know first hand from their professional experiences what it takes to move forward in life. Sometimes, though, inspirational messages come from a story of a person’s success, or simply the recoding of their thinking as it pertains to the human factor from personal observations.

Positive Messages
In the long run, it doesn’t matter where or what thought or story send you a positive message, the important element is that you pay attention to it, read it, but most importantly think about it with your full concentration. This is very similar to just glancing over a legal contract, reading the words but not really concentrating on what the real message is. If you ignore the legal implications you do so at your own peril much the same as ignoring the real meaning of words of encouragement by simply reading and not thinking about their valuable message.

The special and important way to use these words of encouragement is part of knowing the value of wisdom and that wisdom comes through to you loud and clear. It is not just a matter of having a message of inspiration sent to you by email either unless, of course, you want it or need it. It is something like taking a pill when you don’t really want it or need it. But, all of us whether we know it or not could use these wise words in our life.

Give And Take
Fill your daily well with what is vital, what is required. If you need more, take more. If your well is overflowing, give some to others who could use it.

And, do not forget that assimilating these words into your normal speech patterns will also send a special message to others who would be thankful without expressing it to you. It is quite amazing how these messages heard over and over start to resonate within you and within others.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“We must practise setting our minds on positive things every day even when we are having a bad day or in a bad situation. Tunji Ogunjimi

“Words can be a great encouragement, describe love, but they can also destroy if not used properly.” William Hemsworth

“Tell your children what you expect of them and encourage them to do those things. It could be words of praise rather than a physical reward and your child will still react in a positive way.” Kate Flowers

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