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Your Destiny


What is your destiny in life? Don’t leave your destiny up to someone else. Have you ever stopped and thought about it? If you could write the story for your life what would it say? After reading your story, ask yourself, are you moving in that direction? These are just a few questions for you to think about.

Your Choice
Don’t leave your destiny up to someone else. Some people are not aware it’s their choice to create their own destiny while others set personal goals and take responsibility for the direction of their lives.

You can surrender your destiny to the desires of others, or you can control your own destiny by establishing your goals and working steadily to attain them.

You have the choice.

The Unfortunate Thing
Many people do not have any idea of what their destiny is because they have allowed themselves to be conditioned by their parents, siblings, friends or teachers. Throughout the course of your life,from infant onward, we are either subject to guidance, inspiration and encouragement to grow in our own unique way or we are cast into or onto the path that is conveyed verbally or by example that declares a path not your own. Think, for example, of the mother who pushes her young female child to enter into ballet classes with the intent that she will become a world class ballerina. Or, think of the father who gives attention to his young son by thrusting him into hockey so that they might become the next Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby. The question is this: for whom is the parent concerned? Is the parent more concerned with their own dream or that of the child?

My Own Way
Destiny is defined as the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future. This definition seems to preclude that no one has a choice; or, in other words, that a person simply follows along as a puppet and lets this hidden power control and direct their life. If this is the case, what about free choice? Is there anything like free choice, or our we constantly pushed and shoved towards a path without any decision being made on the part of the individual so directed? If we move to the extreme, than, one could argue that a person has no free choice. If this is the case, those that are born into poverty will remain in poverty, or those born into a family of status will be destined for status. However, we know from history that the circumstances in which you have been born do not necessarily mean that will be your ultimate status.

As well, to believe that one is confined to a certain destiny precludes the ability of the individual so that a special gift, for example music, is never to surface because their destiny does not include that feature in a dominant way. To argue that one does not have free choice, if the definition of destiny is true, says that there is no power within a person to alter course. This would be the same as saying that a ship has a rudder but the rudder is set only to one specific direction.

We all have gifts. And, you may wonder what your gift is. This gift may be the thing that you have a passion for. It may be working with children, it may be working with figures, it may be working on computer programs, you get the idea. Usually what you love doing is the gift that you have. You may have to expand on it by getting education or experience, but that will be well worth it.

In addition, a gift given is not a gift used or developed. It is still a matter of choice. The gift in and of itself has no driving force unless a person chooses to use and develop that gift. Therefore, a choice enhances or utilizes the gift but a gift does not use a choice. As well, what some can do easily, that is they may have a special inclination bent towards a certain thing or task, others can do but with a lot more effort. This effort, determination, and perseverance can help develop a small gift into something much greater. The same applies to a baseball player who may have a gift for hitting in a junior league but will need to develop and enhance this gift if the person wishes to be considered in later years as potential for a professional team.

Your Responsibility
Now, let’s return to a former question. Who is responsible for your destiny, for your life, for what you do? If you have chosen to follow along, chosen to be forced onto a path you did not choose, you have given control of your life to someone else’s desires or intentions. In these cases, these types of people have not decided to take responsibility for their own life preferring to do what is expected rather than what they want. It is difficult to break away from previous conditioning especially if you have been continuously pushed just like a child is continually pushed to play the piano but has absolutely no passion for it.

The ultimate decision to choose what path you will follow is up to you, not someone else no matter who they are. You have to make a break away from what everyone else wants you to do and wants you to be.

The real decision to make a choice may be difficult but without making this choice to carve your own destiny, you will always be a person unfulfilled and confused.

What Do You Want
To control your own destiny, do the thing that you are passionate about. Or, you can let someone else control it? Being happy in life means you need to be happy in the work that you choose! To be happy with your life also means you have chosen to take responsibility for your choices. It’s hard to take ownership of your life when you have been following another person’s desires. You will never feel the passion, or belief, or love for what you do when directed by another person.

You do have a choice. Stick up for your own desires, and beliefs. Walk down your own sidewalk, skate on your own pond, dive into whatever ocean invites you and skip with joy at the myriad prospects that lay before you. Your life is not a mirrored reflection of someone else’s desires, but, instead, is the sparkling image you create all on your own.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
In life when things get shaky and we are trying to get our balance, we need to fall back on what we know to be true and follow the principals that help us to live the life we desire. Andrew Farland, Change Your Perspective Change Your Life!

One of the best ways to progress in life is to celebrate every single success, no matter how big or small it is. Andy C. E. Brown, Self Confidence

Life is not just about what you achieve, it’s about who you are and how you live. Maggie Huffman, Whoops! I Forgot to Achieve My Potential

“Sometimes in life, you have to do a few things that are absolutely off beat. You have to walk down an obscure path in order to find success.” K.A. DeWolf, Make Money Live Happy

“The answer to life’s meaning is different for every one of us and dwells somewhere deep within the epicenter of our being.” Seth David Chernoff, Manual For Living

“To get where we want to go in life, we have to keep at it. We have to create a vision, make choices based on what moves us most swiftly toward our goals, and go after them with determination and single-mindedness.” Stedman Graham

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