Your Mark

Your Mark

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Have you ever wondered what you will be remembered for after you die? I know this may sound like a morbid statement but nonetheless a real question. You may not at first think that this question has any merit but it is one that you may actually contemplate several years down the road depending on how old you are right now.

Maybe I should rephrase the question more to ask what would you not want to be remembered for?

Not A Tyrant
For most of us, we would rather not be remembered as a tyrant or one who went through life wielding an iron fist and demanding that everything go his or her own way. This is not a memory that is seen as the kind of person who cared for others, or was concerned with more than his or her own vanity, wealth and self-satisfaction. Instead, wouldn’t you want to be remembered as one who put other people’s needs before their own, or who showed all who could observe that they valued each person as a unique and worthy individual.

How You Live
How you are remembered is a direct reflection of how you live your life, how you live each day, each week, month and year. It is not how you are remembered when you are only in the public eye but also how you behave, act and relate when you are within the confines of your own home, or with friends and family.

For some people, there is a false or phony persona given over to the masses as they go through their public exposure. The odd thing is that a lot of these people usually slip up somewhere thinking that they either won’t be observed or caught in the act, or just cannot hold their true character in when turmoil strikes or when they are in stressful situations.

Whether you like to think about how you will be remembered when you are gone or not, you will be remembered. You will be talked about and referred to for a number of reasons and some of those reasons can be as simple as a question about you from a grandchild or a niece or nephew. People like to know about their family members long after they are gone.

Doing Good
Maybe, just maybe, you may craft your life like that of a peddler. Seems, at first blush, that you may not want to be compared to a peddler but think about this. A peddler brings goods to the marketplace that people want or need. If you are like a peddler, you will also bring good that is needed by others. This good is all about caring, sharing, complimenting, mentoring, or offering a kind and attentive shoulder upon which to vent your frustration. A peddler is there to whoever needs his or her goods without judging whom you are or from where you came.

Part of your life that is viewed by others is one of compassion for others plight on this earth. It doers not mean that you offer yourself up to being abused or used; it is more that you do not harbor ill feelings or prejudices towards anyone and willing to assist however you can without being trod on by those who would seemingly only use your kindness for their own ends without extending that same graciousness to anyone else.

Make Each Day Count
Some of us strive to make each day count not because we want to be remembered in a certain way but more because we see value in every day. Each day has a limited amount of hours and a limited number of occasions that allow us to be who we really are. Each day is not to be wasted but to be valued and used to make situations more bearable for others, to show sympathy or empathy for others, to contribute to someone else’s skills or to help change a behavior.

Make each day a day of valued behavior and you will be remembered with fondness, with respect, and with love.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“There is absolutely no reason to be kind – except for the fact that sincere kindness gets rewarded with the warm sensation of contentment in witnessing the happiness you’ve given others.” Antony Richard Pearson

“When we want to accomplish effective change in our life, we really need to know ourselves.” Barry Naude

“Generosity of character is important. It builds confidence by reminding you that you are a decent human being, and that you deserve any good things which might come your way.” John Franz

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