20 Cancer Star Sign Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Here is our collection of Cancer Quotes to help you gain an understanding of your personality or the Cancerian in your life. Cancerians are very emotional people and can go from happy to sad to completely mad in the space of minutes. If you have a Cancerian in your life you must learn to tame them or just dam right accept their emotions. Cancerians are very intuitive people so don’t think you can pull the wool over their eyes for long, they will have you figured out in a matter of seconds.

As a whole, you would be lucky in love with a Cancerian man or woman as they crave love and affection meaning they are likely to stay loyal to you forever if you treat them right!

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One of the most astounding traits in the Zodiac falls to Cancer, and it’s their innate ability to spark happiness in others even when they themselves are not feeling great.
Maria Silva, Cancer
Ability Quotes

Cancerians are peace-loving people who consider bringing harmony to the world as their life’s predestined purpose.
Cancer 2015 Horoscope Predictionsharmony
Peace Quotes

Imagine what it must feel like to be that Cancer person and get those overwhelming feelings and to feel so overcome that other people feel they are drowning in them and nothing else will happen until they subside.
Mary English, How to Care for a Cancer
Feeling Quotes

Cancer has a strong desire to be loved. He gives tender love to his near & dears, & expects complete loyal affection from the others.
Garima Sanjay, Cancer
Desire Quotes

The symbol of Cancer is the crab because just like it, it has a hard outer shell, but deep inside it is soft and can be crushed and hurt easily.
Astrology, Ruth moon
Hurt Quotes

In love, you are fiercely loyal and will defend your partner even if they are well capable of defending themselves, which they probably are, given you’re not going to be attracted to weak individuals.
David Wells, Your Astrological Moon Signfierce
Fierce Quotes

The Cancer man or woman has strong powers of intuition and can generally sense when he has met a person who is likely to turn into a good friend.
Margarete Beim, Cancer (Super Horoscopes 2013)
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Cancers often feel insecure in the multifaceted, fastpaced world. Yet Cancers carry a natural protection—the hard shell they wear on their backs.
Laurie A. Baum MSW, Everything You Need to Know About Your Astrology Sign
Being Strong

Cancer neither fights the crowd, nor leads the crowd, nor leaves the crowd.
Kurt Abraham, Astrology as Path to Higher Consciousness
Be Yourself

Emotion is Cancer’s middle name.
William Lamb, Secrets of Your Rising Sign
Emotion Quotes

Those born under Cancer operate in the inner world with a strong emotional nature, as well as the outer world, as it enjoys being active.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda Vedic Astrology

Whether it’s an old plastic bottle, an old lover, an old house, an old belief, an old bit of string, an old memory … Hang on to it, says Cancer. You never know when you might need it again.
Liz Greene, Astrology for Lovers

Cancer represents foundation, home, family, and security.
Joanna Martine Woolfolk, Cancer

The Cancer isn’t ashamed to speak for him self, although in depth he has his own secluded spot in the soul. He has the unique ability to treat very calmly his mistakes and those of others, of course if he loves them.
All about Cancer, Valentine R.

Cancer has the gift of easing your fears and smoothing your furrowed brow.
Linda George, Sun Signs & Soul Mates
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Cancerians are very idealistic, being prepared to go into battle for the greater good of everyone rather than just self, and you do this without any thought of financial or other reward. You fight for what you believe is right, and cannot be dissuaded by pragmatic concerns.
Tiffany candellehelping others
Helping Others

The Cancer type… can be the most helpless or the most determined in a strange, silent way. It refers to a time of the year when the Sun moves very slowly — stands still.
Dr Douglas M. Baker, Cancer

Cancerians have such control of imagery, and their moods are so intense, they can make you feel them, too. Their imagination seizes joy and despair, horror and compassion, sorrow and ecstasy, and holds each emotion fast with a retentive memory.
Linda Goodman, Sun signs

Cancer is a sign that looks to the future, but who always brings the past along to slot into that future in a way that creates consistency and a sense of continuity.
Lisa lazuli, Cancer horoscope

No wonder, then, that Cancerian people are said to be psychic, for they are particularly open to the influx of vast universal forces, which channel themselves into the confines of one’s individual consciousness whether or not the Cancerian chooses to be such a channel.
Ariel Guttman, ‎Gail Guttman, ‎Kenneth Johnson, Mythic Astrology
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